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@grime_witch Okay, on further investigation the catshark is the largest family of shark. So calling the kids pups seems extra weird. Granted, there's also dogfish, but those are also a kind of catshark. And... umm... names are confusing.

Thoth, in Greek, would be Θώθ. And since Θώθ is the God of knowledge, "Θώθ, what's this?!" is an entirely appropriate question.

I want more #actuallyADHD webfriends
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Hello friends, don't forget to slaughter themes today:
Nearly 3000 themes to show utter disdain for!

(My brain does this a lot but I do usually manage to find the right words pretty quickly...!)

[when watching Netflix and finding that it's too loud] "I need to make this... cheaper."

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