i realized recently that i have literally never once seen a cis woman with unshaven legs. like, not even my mom. that is fucking wild

like, societal beauty standards are so unrealistic and have personally changed my perception of what a "woman" looks like that i genuinely do not know how much a "normal" amount of leg hair is for a cis woman

that's fucked up

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do cis women have to shave their thighs? their butt? i genuinely have no idea, please help

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@katherine I was encouraged (or occasionally forced) to shave my face, arms, legs and thighs when I was a teen, but then I'm not a cis woman as it turns out and I cba doing any of that shit most of the time lol. I like shaving my legs to feel like a smooth dolphin sometimes, but it's effort and I'm not into effort :P

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