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queer culture is tweeting at your partner to ask them if they can make you a coffee.

It is March and our apartment is holding a consistent temperature of 22°C/72°F with no heating what is wrong with this city

Just when I think `pip` makes sense, it does something even sillier.

‪Silverblue Rawhide wouldn't even boot in my VM 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️‬

I want to use Fedora Silverblue, because rpm-ostree is pretty awesome and I like the idea of compartmentalizing apps with flatpak.

But I want GNOME 3.32 to do it because I want to the tighter flatpak integration they'e been working on.

Maybe silverblue rawhide? That feels dangerous though...

Tired drunk: one minute I'm discussing the nature of states and nations and sovereign territories in a political context and the next all my seggo are in eggo speggo and then beggo again

Why are Europeans turning out in force for street protests on March 23 over something as obscure as the #CopyrightDirective?

It will fundamentally reshape the Internet.

LB: Ok but seriously, the new Flatpak permissions manager for GNOME looks pretty sweet ( and I might have to try updating my laptop to silverblue/rawhide and seeing how much I can do with flatpak instead of RPMs without touching the terminal :D Yay UX!

can't we just throw away ubuntu and make everyone use fedora rawhide?

gnome 3.32 handles flatpak permissions better than canonical with their snaps on gnome

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Ooh telegram now supports `fixed-width notation` - that's handy.

"Hackers" wouldn't have been this powerful without the music of Prodigy...

Rest In Power Keith!

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Oh good. Facebook gives advertisers your two factor authentication phone number.

<< They found that when a user gives Facebook a phone number for two-factor authentication or in order to receive alerts about new log-ins to a user’s account, that phone number became targetable by an advertiser within a couple of weeks. >>

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