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queer culture is tweeting at your partner to ask them if they can make you a coffee.

cis ppl spend their 20s founding startups

trans ppl spend their 20s (or 30s (or 40s (or…))) fighting with their bare hands through the whole of gender and language and society and building an entirely new model of the world from the remaining dust

gotta stop pretending those two experiences should be evaluated in remotely the same way

There's now a map of where Amazon has partnered with the cops to provide Ring access. This is useful information, so you know where not to go ;)

Oyyyy if you're going to distribute a Linux app as a binary/`.run` installer, do not have it design it to auto-escalate privileges and change a load of system settings without warning. And if you ARE going to do that, add a `--uninstall` that actually works ffs.

hey lenovo you really need to do something about your screen assemblies, my family has had 2 cracked screens and a worn out screen cable in the last 6 months.


Rosh Hashanah, or Yom Teruah, if you're going by the biblical name.

See, QFC, I've saved you about 2 minutes of Wikipedia research, that you should have done! :ms_angry_steam:

There's no excuse..just none.

‪Found this laying in the trash the other day, hacked a power supply and an F connector onto it and it works a treat. What gives, Seattle?‬

🚓 ICE has been spotted at the hospitals and reunification centers.

Be aware of your surroundings. If you or someone you know is in need of medical attention in El Paso, Texas from this morning's shooting and need legal rep, contact is below.

El Paso turns up for its own. Blood banks and the reunification centers are at max capacity for donors and donations. Local PD and FD are willfully obstructing ICE as much as possible. Local politicians are loudly platforming for gun control and denouncing our gutless ass mayor and governor. Yes, good.

the only type of social interaction i'm any good at: calling trans people cute online

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Sunday at 7pm at Gay City (Seattle), I'll be performing in a show called A Certain Type of Brilliance. Myself and several other femmes (including my partner Ila) will be performing short acts created with only 24 hours notice!

Please come see it if you're able! (You'll get to see us both in our underwear 😘😉)

anyone got any idea what on earth is going on here? I'm seeing it across a variety of keyservers including non-federated ones.

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