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queer culture is tweeting at your partner to ask them if they can make you a coffee.

"Distance Instagram from other social networks"

This shit is why the fediverse will thrive.

Facebook is too scared to let other social networks be mentioned along side them 😂

a "cashless society" scares me.

the freedom to pay, anonymously, in cash is important!

My 15yo kid just came out to me tonight as trans male. In order to be more supportive, I would really like some feedback from other trans folks on how to assist or better understand this process, especially on how that works today vs 30 years ago.

Caveat- I had a parent who is trans, but this isn't the same kind of relationship. I would actually be assisting my minor child in this change, so that makes me a more active participant in the process.

Feel free to boost. #trans

Feeling overwhelmed try a few of these...

Deleting an app
Muting a group chat
Saying no to another commitment
Cutting down your to-do list
Limiting your consumption of bad news
Spending less time in toxic environments

#mentalhealth matters #endthestigma

me: that's a yubikey
quine: you and your perversions

internet capitalism salt 

If you are on Github, please update your profile to support github employees in the fight against ICE and their own management. I updated mine.

want to know what advantages Signal has over Whatsapp?

What are onions and what do they have to do with technology?

Want to know the daily habits to maintain digital hygiene (so that you stay secure?)

have questions about how to navigate today’s internet without being stripped of your privacy?

then ping @kushal with your questions using the #securityofficehour hashtag and he will answer a bunch of them at 8pm IST, tomorrow (the 13th of Nov.)

Hey did you know setting off fireworks on Veterans Day is actually really disrespectful to veterans with ptsd???

This city sure doesn’t

Reminder to dyadic trans folks:

Do not use intersex people as anecdotes or ‘gotcha’ to defend trans rights, they’re not props for your arguments.

Do not group intersex people under non-binary identities.

Support intersex activists on the issues they prioritize, not on what you think is important.

Avoid voyeuristic descriptions of intersex genitals. Those are not cute anecdotes on diversity. Jikes.

Most importantly:
Invite intersex speakers. Do not speak for them. Do not speak over them.

teaching crabs how to read is forbidden knowledge

I should probably get a desk with enough legs that it doesn't feel like it's gonna tip over whenever I lean on my wrist supports or type too hard...

Weird question: Do I know anyone (particular other disabled people) who have tried kettlebell training?

It's been suggested to me as a low-impact exercise that might be compatible with my disabilities worth trying, and it's cheap to give it a try. any experiences?

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