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queer culture is tweeting at your partner to ask them if they can make you a coffee.

anyone got any idea what on earth is going on here? I'm seeing it across a variety of keyservers including non-federated ones.

Holy shit. Jews and allies in the Capitol Building in D.C. chanting:

“Never Again is NOW”

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Apparently Trans Pride Brighton has all new rules and limitations on them as well as their attendees this year as a result of alcohol licensing. They go on and on about how these rules are being *imposed* on them.

Have they know...not selling alcohol maybe? That would kinda solve it.

cloudflare isn't the problem

the fact that there's only cloudflare is the problem

(same with letsencrypt btw)

One thing I'd love to see is hackers, NGOs, and small media orgs pooling their resources and doing edge caching for each other on their servers.

Most of the time most servers do not use all the bandwidth, so this could help handle peaks in traffic.

Two things would be needed on the tech side: 1. websites becoming more easy to cache (do you really need this bit of dynamic content there?), and 2. some way of doing TLS termination without giving out private keys.

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I'd like to think this latest Cloudflare outage will trigger other services to reconsider routing their traffic through a centralized point of failure.

I'm an optimist.

.. unless the post office moved their servers to The Cloud™ :thonking:

Centralisation caused by cloudflare is a problem. But to fix that, we need actual decent sokutions that do similar things, but aren't cloudflare 😂‬

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