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the cis teen chapel? why don't you just call it spencer's gifts like everyone else

Real talk.

I think I'm going to actively work to just not support Chromium-based browsers in my personal site in the future as a form of protest. Firefox is free, faster and can run in a lot of environments.

There's also Falkon, Epiphany, Beaker, GNOME Web and other Web browsers. We need to stop using them; stop supporting them and stop giving them what they want: US.

a shrub that shakes when u get notifications
bush notifications

"The Route of a Text Message"

While none of this is particularly new or groundbreaking, it's a really cool and digestible description of how a text message gets from A to B

Guy asks what it takes to fix IRC. I tell him:

Guy doesn't get any of it, calls me a moron.

This is why you don't talk to users, kids.

Google are changing Chrome in a way that will break uBlock Origin. For “better privacy”. But you should be using Firefox anyway.

in the old times, they used to send out podcasts using very low-wavelength wifi that you could pick up from miles away, and there were dozens of podcasts to choose from that would all run 24/7

Expired: Laptops with one USB port
Inspired: Smartphones with GPIO pins

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tips for beginner cooks: know your ratios!

1/2 cup uncooked rice = 2 cups cooked rice

1 cups uncooked rice = 5 cups cooked rice

2 cups uncooked rice = 14 cups cooked rice

3 cups uncooked rice = 68 cups cooked rice

4 cups uncooked rice = 1,036 cups cooked rice


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why did no one tell me Einstein said racism is "a disease of white people", how is that not a huge deal that one of the smartest men in the history of mankind completely diagnosed racism for the slimy single-cell scum that it is

wishlist: a web-based, tweetdeck-like mastodon interface that easily switches accounts, or better yet, lets you mix and match columns and searches from different accounts simultaneously

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@tootleapp heyyy. I absolutely love tootle but I am having a slight issue on both iphone and ipad. I've authorised two twitter accounts and assigned them to tooting presets and saved them - that's worked beautifully. But now everytime I open the 'toot from' panel or switch presets on there, it opens twitter to reauthorize the account. If I cancel that it works fine, but it's somewhat annoying. Anything you can do about this? ❤️

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