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queer culture is tweeting at your partner to ask them if they can make you a coffee.

The whole “People are too quick to block” crowd remind me of those dudes who constantly want to know why you won’t go out w them because apparently “I don’t feel like it” isn’t an acceptable reason.

Dudes have always been more obsessed with not be labeled a creep than they’ve ever cared about us being safe from creeps. Y’alls self image always trumps our well being and it shows.

Software engineer/Lover of good: it’s a good idea to be able to see who’s blocked you. Folks are too quick to drop the block hammer instead of clearing up a misunderstanding🧐.

Me: Thats fucking absurd.

Software engineer/Lover of good:🙅‍♂️😡BLOCKED.

‪There is something minorly hilarious about being told that you can't volunteer with a trans youth centre because you're too disabled.‬

For those unaware of Medium's ambitions to be the next Facebook... it's worth noting that there're excellent de-centralised open source alternatives - the best I've found is Plume -

I've written a very hacky Mycroft REST webhook to run on a Mycroft box and allow you to integrate other apps with it. It's far from done, and it's super hacky at the moment, but it's working. I use it for some custom HomeAssistant integrations & have a few other plans for it.

Meanwhile, inside the box, Schroedinger's cat plans its revenge:


Just read a take that was like, "people don't hate trans folks, they hate trans activists"

this is basically just saying you want trans people to be quiet, and the only way to be a likable trans person is to never mention your struggles as one

if this is your thinking, f*ck off


wired: je vous aime
cursed: java virtual machine

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i showed my friend joots (jean boots) and the he showed me the jower (jean power) of joutlets (jean outlets)

Very exciting call for research:

Mozilla has an interest in potentially integrating more of Tor into Firefox 🔥

Tor has never been deployed at this scale, so there are a lot of considerations to research before giving this a try.

Learn more & apply for Mozilla's Research Grant:

A little self-promotion:

I just released the early access / beta version of my tabletop RPG, THIRSTY SWORD LESBIANS!

It's a feelings-focused game of crossing swords and falling in love, a celebration of queer power and affection!

If you're interested, please check it out at

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