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Sup Cybre.

Ostensibly I'm an indie game developer but in reality most of my time on Mastodon is spent shitposting or getting mad about politics.

Ugh the Apex update is really cool but they broke per-health-item keybinds and that's annoying af

I just had a wild idea... It may be too much for society to handle.

Peanut butter in coffee.

An idea who's time has come, or supreme blasphemy??? I can't decide

When the casting call goes out for a new Sonic property


When you only want stylish dick pics in your DMs

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Y'all i need advice. I think my baby just awoo'd. Do i call the cops on him or sign him up for his own Masto acct???

*walks in to fediverse*

*killed instantly in freak khajiit avalanche*

Bad circulation means being uncomfortably warm in the office but my hands are still freezing

Therapist: The roblox death sound isn't real, it can't hurt you

Roblox death sound:

My hair looks like Ace Ventura (unintentionally of course) and I can't afford a haircut... AMA

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Well I drank more coffee and my heart hasn't stopped yet so I've got that going for me

I have a (first world) problem.

I've already had a cup of (strong) coffee today, and a Monster.

I really want another cup of coffee. But it might fuck me up.

What do?

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