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Sup Cybre.

Ostensibly I'm an indie game developer but in reality most of my time on Mastodon is spent shitposting or getting mad about politics.

A reboot of Star Wars where they figure out that Vader is Luke's dad because he keeps making really bad jokes whenever Luke is nearby


Merisa, your display name...


(good one)

So when is someone going to invent a device that starts infusing coffee into your system about an hour before you actually need to wake up so that when the alarm goes off you're already fully caffeinated and ready for the day and if you all can get on that with a highest priority it would be great.

Preferably FOSS/FOSH.

The funny thing about is it's basically Yahoo Answers but with a nicer layout.

You log in, you think, "Wow this is nice!"

Then the questions start rolling in. One, after another. All just as inane and either obvious or pointless, like every other Q&A site. Trolls abound posting intentionally offensive questions...

Gonna delete my account :)

My YT recommendations are pretty much just:

1) woodworking, ceramics, other handicraft-based videos

2) Black Ops 4

I am okay with this.

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Frig(g), I really need to make time to watch Norsemen on Netflix. Looks so good 😂

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My mouse came back, and now it's gone again. Again, WTF Mojave.

Now my fuckin mouse cursor is gone. WTF Mojave.

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Me: I'm tired

Babby: You're never sleeping again

Me: :oh_no:

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