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Karyl @karyl@cybre.space

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Sup Cybre.

Ostensibly I'm an indie game developer but in reality most of my time on Mastodon is spent shitposting or getting mad about politics.

Heyyy I remembered how the shit I had done the SSL certificates with Dehydrated before.

Wrote that shit down in my wiki this time, for next time around :P

I always make fun of my wife for being unable to do things with knives or scissors without injuring herself...

Guess who has two thumbs and cut himself with scissors this evening... :P

Black Ops 4 is a damn adrenaline trip. Runs beautifully on max settings for me too. Me likey.

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Okay my reddit account is history. Good riddance you fucks

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Whenever I see 🔞 I always think of it as "no 18 year olds" lol

What's a good news aggregator that's not Reddit, Google News, or YCombinator

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Whoa is a super solid client. Nice and clean. Sadly for it, I can't give up on Masto 95, but it's cool that Pinafore exists.

Check it out if you're curious or in the market for a new Mastodon web client:


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Tried to launch Black Ops 4 beta from the .exe to see if I could at least ogle the menu screen or something but no dice... Gotta wait until 10am :P

Ooh I'm gonna make a cup of tea :)

I want habit tracking like Habitica, but without all the other stuff that Habitica has.

That seems to not really be a thing.

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Hey guys. I'm an artist, writer, firewood cutter, stoneworker, a few other things :) Here's a stippled graphite & charcoal drawing, 'A Stonecutter's Son'. My website needs updating, but offers a sampling of older work: markreep.net
Thanks for looking.
#introduction #mastoart #creativetoots

As a plus, Twitter doesn't seem to work in IceCat

Hmm mulling the move to GNU IceCat

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Fucking pissed at white dudes in free software prioritizing exercising their free speech by showing "look, I can make jokes which affect people not like me" and then being like "free software is a movement for everyone"

Nobody has ever questioned whether *I* belong. But I've tried to bring in plenty of other people who left because they didn't feel welcome.

I believe in free software, I want it to be a movement for everyone. Most of these people would say "I do too".


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