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Sup Cybre.

Ostensibly I'm an indie game developer but in reality most of my time on Mastodon is spent shitposting or getting mad about politics.

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Currently Elaine-dancing to Earth Wind and Fire

If you havin' cord problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but cable management ain't one

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More tech grumping, this time not about Windows Show more

More tech grumping, this time not about Windows Show more

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Screw that for now though, I've booted into Ubuntu and can get shit done in here just as well

Oh nice, so it seems my wireless/internet only sucks shit on Windows. So gotta go figure out what nasty piece of garbage is hoovering up all my bandwidth

Please help me Advil you're my only hope

If you use Web Player, and a dark theme in your browser, you may find this teensy I made handy:

Green Spotify Icon UserScript


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I have a really good idea for a meme crossover but it's not really my place so I probably shouldn't do it

My life is basically webcomicname.com except with "fuck" as the punchline

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@chr Noticed a *slight* display bug with the updates to Masto95, where's the best place to submit that so you can find it when you have time?

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Things I would like to know about my cat...