close race for my most anticipated game of 2019 between Kingdom Hearts III and Untitled Goose Game

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panic…….. thank you
✨ PANIC GAME NEWS ✨ Our next video game project is… "Untitled Goose Game" by @house_house_! It is a lovely day in the village and you are a horrible goose. Coming in 2019 to Mac, PC, and — just announced — the Nintendo Switch!!! New site and trailer:

the context for this thought was posting this very special image by @jkap which i now get to describe in playing english a second time!

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I make crafts! Stickers and pawbs, more accurately!
Also, you can buy them! Straight from me!
It's true! Wow!

Importing these to help everyone w/ the mastodon transition. if you need them they're right here

Gachan~! Level~ Max~!


Bakkān! Mu~te~ki~!

🎶 Kagayake~! Ryuusei no Gotoku~! Ougon no Saikyou Ga~mer~! Hyper Muteki Ex-Ai~d~! 🎶 👾🕹🎮

KIMEWAZA! Hyper~ Critical... Sparking!!

Kyuukyoku no Ippatsu! Kamen Rider Ex-Aid!

Me: I should do some work to make Monday morning better
*two hours later*
Also me: But if there were four actual Warner brothers and no Warner sister then maybe Dot is modeled on Margaret Winkler, Harry's secretary who ended up founding the the entire animation distribution industry and would be fitting because...

Hot Take: queer and/or trans creators being concerned with Building Brands on social media because it's how they make their living isn't actually a bad thing given the alternative is to go through a major corporation which will gatekeep them, ignore them, and try to control their Brand anyway. We get queer and trans-made art of all genres because social media and patreon and shit lets them get their work out there and earn a living off of it independently; which requires Maintaining A Brand

someone made a chrome extension to play the Wii Shop Channel Shopping Theme whenever visiting @itchio

(thanks @Borax_Kid !)

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honestly stoked to sit down and finally watch ex-aid true ending and the another ending trilogy.

i liked ex-aid a lot more than i thought i would. the characters are fucking delightful, parad’s arc is one of the best character studies i’ve seen in kamen rider, it’s just SO GOOD

please watch kamen rider ex-aid thank you i need to gush at someone about dan kuroto

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