I think one of the worst parts of how aggressively cities, especially the big liberal cities, are doubling down on defending their murderous extralegal paramilitaries, besides the fact they have murderous extralegal paramilitaries, is that this is all still going down during a global pandemic

this virus is still here, our country is still doing absolutely nothing to handle it, and now we even have less testing than before because at least in LA the mayor decided to close testing to punish his constituents for speaking out against being murdered by his city's extralegal paramilitary

like, weeks from now, even after protests eventually stop and everyone's gone home, probably even after a lot of folks have started to move on from this particular moment and started to get back to their lives, thousands of people are going to die of an otherwise preventable respiratory illness, and the media and politicians will blame the protesters and not the murderous governments for it.

Remember: don't confess to crimes online. Not even if they are cool and good crimes, and not even in DMs, on any social media platform. Save it for in person or over E2E comms.

Sunday, May 31 at 7 pm EST, I'm going to be hosting a fediverse improv jam in VRChat. My plan is to do a bunch of short form games, and then maybe try out some longer scenes.

No improv or acting experience necessary to participate! Just be willing to get out there and play!

Still deciding on what the best venue will be, definitely an Oculus Quest-friendly world, since that's what I've got, but if you friend me on VR Chat (Srol c143), you should be able to find us whereever we end up.

@srol are you still up for doing VR improv at 7pm EDT?

Black Protests 😠 white Nonsense 

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Black Protests 😠 white Nonsense 

Curfews are a great example of how law works in this country. They don't create the curfew because they think it will prevent a behavior from happening, they create the curfew because they want a legal reason to throw you in jail and attack you. they create laws as justification to target specific people they hate.


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Heyyy I just plugged the Fediverse to the IWW and now they're discussing setting up an official account on here! Sounds like it could go ahead.

#IWW #Fediverse

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