it takes acme about 2-3 seconds to load $home/src/guile/configure :blobsweats:

@k @grainloom @cwebber


> it’s the coolest text editor ever

coolest text editor ever? hmm...

I think you're missing an 'S' and the letters are the in the wrong order....

@emacsomancer @k @cwebber text editor, not lisp machine emulator 😛

(but ye, emacs is also nice... when it works)


@grainloom @emacsomancer @cwebber let’s all remember that ed is the standard editor

@therealraccoon @grainloom @emacsomancer Nah iirc @k is right... ed is literally the standard editor in the posix standard (but it's been a long time since I looked)

@lanodan @grainloom @k @emacsomancer @cwebber Oh, I believe all of you, I just wanted to call y'all editor nerds a bunch of cyber perverts, including the people responsible for making something like ed or vi the standard editor.

@emacsomancer @grainloom @k @cwebber @lanodan I'm just glad nano let's me use my arrow keys and write words and save and exit and stuff.
I'll never forget the sheer terror of using visudo for the first time, before realizing I should have configured it to use an intuitive editor first. The horror!

@cwebber And still leveraged here and there by other software, if not as often by human users.

@k @grainloom @therealraccoon

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