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You Are Required To Show Me Your Dragon

Thank You

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Pinning a lorger version of this prof pic cuz I can't get over how cute it is


money beg, last one 

So apparently I'm shit at math or something cuz I'm still short $150 for the money I owe for last month, I'm an idiot

if it's not too much to ask of y'all, you've already done so much for me ;;
If someone needs it more please give them the money instead but if you really wanna help me out again:

nearpost, rust 

Ah, one of my dependencies is to remember dragons

Hey so the Seattle Police Department is holding a free Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner next week!

It Sure Would Be Terrible if all the seats were taken up by people who aren't law enforcement officers and don't intend to show up! :blobowoevil:

I opened this and instantly said “yeah maybe I should get around to writing that nonogram solver”

ooooh I should stream pajama sam and spy fox

Really good stream! Thanks for hanging out everyone!

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no YOU'RE late

getting set up for Apex Legends Season 9! New Season! New Mode! New Character!

gonna take a walk while there's nice sun out, do some planning for the week, then it's apex time baybeeeeeee

asking for money, boost = thank 

this is where I'm at right now

disability claim was denied, so now I get to fill out the appeal form. the agent I spoke with estimates another 4-6 months before I receive a decision

I'm pretty much at the end of my rope. since I'm not an RN and can't drive there's no jobs I'm fit to work in town. my rent is covered until the end of the month (I think) but after that I guess I'm out on the street

if you can assist, I'd be grateful.

alc, covid, money 

funding the "bar" section of my budget for the first time in a year or so for when I'm fully vaccinated

I am somehow engaging in banter with the folks at The Tail Company in the kickstarter chat lol (they wanted this link shared idk why but it redirects to the above)

apex legends streaming self promo 

Live with the new season of Apex Legends!! Come say hi!

future stream announcement 

I'll be streaming checking out the new season of Apex Legends, some time this afternoon / evening EST!


Washington is finally getting an earthquake early warning system! But you have to get the alerts on your phone, which in addition to requiring that you have a phone (& enable the alerts), could be slow enough to potentially eat up your entire warning period. The state's too cheap to pay for a better distribution method.

Meanwhile, in Mexico City, they have had giant sirens providing earthquake warnings for the past 30 years.

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