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New year new me(mes)

Friend's-dog-befriending-update: she's sleeping in the bed with me instead of her owner!?

my dreams of becoming a dog whisperer are becoming realized

I think I get serde now? Time to finally implement 9p in !

dogs doing the head tilt thing boost if you agree

Way way waaaaay too many of these craigslist entries have a very strange level of indirection that end up asking me to sign up on "roomster".
I'm 90% sure there's a scam or at least some unscrupulous "growth hacking".

I accidentally melted my nalgene lid on the dishwasher heating element. I have to scrape it off by running the dry cycle again.

So far it’s going okay and I’m either feeling relieved about that or I’m just really enjoying the plastic fumes

Haha, this service will never get my name. Take that, information collectors!

*uses my own domain for email which has my first and last name in it*


I just realized I've been spelling Fahrenheit incorrectly my whole life

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Take my love, take my land,
Take me where I cannot stand.
I don't care, I'm still free,
You can't take my jorts from me.

(someone has to have done this before, sorry)

When you only look as far down as someone's pockets, see denim, assume they're wearing full-length-jeans and stop evaluating, that's jort circuiting

lb: apparently foxsquirrels are a thing

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I don’t know what y’all want, writing safe applications in C is so easy, all you gotta do, is never make a mistake in your life

I have befriended the person I'm staying with's (previously apprehensive) dog ❤️

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I can't believe they tried their symm buff in the puppy rumble first