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You Are Required To Show Me Your Dragon

Thank You

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Pinning a lorger version of this prof pic cuz I can't get over how cute it is


Had no sale at all this month and I need money so please check out my shop? 🌟 here's a 15% off code for you, valid all weekend: TOOT
Any help and boosts would be very nice, thanks 💙

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

I have been running into a situation where I keep using "RTX" to refer to hardware raytracing acceleration, but this is misleading because RTX is actually NVidia's trademark for their specific implementation and sometimes you want to contrast NVidia with AMD. To solve this, I would like to propose we now refer to the underlying technology as "HRT", for "Hardware Raytracing". "Within ten years all gamers will have access to HRT", et cetera

Do you write code for free and open source projects? Would you like to learn the basics of the Rust programming language? I’m offering to teach the basics of Rust to free and open source software programmers, for free.

#Rust #RustLanguage #FOSS #Training

Service toot to all fellow bisexuals :bisexual_flag: :pansexual_flag: :

Please be reminded that you are under a status effect of high visibility today. Vanishing spells will likely fizzle and stealth checks have disadvantage. Take care.


gaming, caps, maybe streaming announcement 

the equipment arrived 3 minutes after I posted this, freaky

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nope re: gaming, caps, maybe streaming announcement 

oh nvm it's early access. I wanna wait

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gaming, caps, maybe streaming announcement 


I have some new streaming equipment arriving today, might have to stream that

(please boost) job search 

hello! i'm vanta. i have over a decade of experience editing videos, writing, using image editing software, making electronic music, and generally creating things with computers

i need a job! definitely something remote, considering i have asthma and covid is a thing. preferably something part time, but i'd consider full if it wasn't too demanding

i can do just about anything! editing videos, writing stuff, social media, etc.


if you wanna tip the #fediblock tag creator! HI, it me ⬇️

Signal boosting my GFM, as in a weeks time I have to travel overseas for thesis defense, and need help with bills, accommodation and all the other things that life constantly throws our way. I appreciate all the help as I push through these final months of focusing on my studies whilst unable to work. Thank you so much for your help, I also have venmo/cashapp if that is more your style

Wait so is Demi Adejuyigbe still doing Sept 21st vids or no


Mets in da playoffs babey!


We need like $1100 to get our currently inop vehicle up and running, ready for a cross-country move, and fit for inspection in Seattle.

We need this car to move, selling it is not an option. I'm already leaving behind a fuckload of furniture when I move.

I am presently in the process of being hired at a FAANG, but I'm not hired yet, and until I am, I'm not being paid. So I got fuck all going on right now on that front.

Anything at all helps, $1, $5, $10, anything.

CashApp: $TheRealElizafox
Crypto addresses available on request via Coinbase

People will tell you how capable the Steam Deck is to try to talk it up, but really all you need to know is you can easily do things like this custom boot animation with it.

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