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You Are Required To Show Me Your Dragon

Thank You

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Pinning a lorger version of this prof pic cuz I can't get over how cute it is


Hi! I'm kae, formerly @k. In the coming days, I'll be slowly migrating my profile over here.

I'm likely not going to use the account migration feature-- I want this to be a fresh start.

I hope you won't be offended if I don't wind up following you from this account if I had before. I'm realizing more and more that I need my social media to be _quieter_, more than anything.

Still love y'all.

went through my follower request backlog, sorry for the delay folks

Did I post my squirrel here. My parents needed help with how to draw squirrel

@ new users, finance, patreon support 

Remember to consider supporting your local instance i.e. with patreon, most of the (smaller) instances are pretty much just one-person-operations relying on disposable income and free time in order to function.

So howdy #GetFediHired #FediHired #FediHire etc. At Zulip we're actively hiring for each of a senior-level frontend and mobile (via React Native, so still "frontend" to some degrees) engineer. I'm not super involved with either of those teams or really with the hiring process, *but* I'm quite happy to pass resumes along, and if I know you in some way, to make a personal introduction

Job is 100% remote + globally distributed, FOSS, flexible hours, etc

DMs open for q's

It feels like there's fewer image descriptions as more and more people come over from twitter. Or maybe I just got too used to people not captioning, and I'm noticing it more now.

I'd like us to do our part by adding them in the replies when we can. It should help as a reminder of their importance!

techy, caps, multicore ocaml 

time to continue to not learn or use ocaml

honestly I just want a way to experiment with algebraic effects. might learn it for that reason alone.

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Every news outlet should stand up a Mastondon instance for their reporters & staff.

It’ll be great to see or whatever domain they want to use.

Built in verification. Every reporter for the Washington Post on a washpo domain. Every reporter for the New York Times on an NYTimes domain. Etc, etc.

Plus the “local” feed for each instance becomes a feed of all the posts from that institution mixed together — providing extra discovery.

Re: deadnaming

I explained to my mother that deadnaming and misgendering is like farting. If you do it by accident, and apologize, people will forgive you.

If you keep doing it, people will suggest you get that taken care of, maybe recommend you seek treatment, and ultimately avoid you.

If you bend over, stick your ass in their face, and let it rip though, then you shouldn’t be surprised people think you’re a clueless, hostile asshole.

(This is from an old post, but I wanted to keep it.)

I’m going to rebrand “procrastination” as “just-in-time personal obligation logistics”

Birdsite, eviction help. Friends in some deep trouble. Please help if you can!

looking for concept artist (occasional commission) 

any artists out there willing to do some concept art sketches? I will pay you!

I need some concept art sketches for a game pitch i'm working on

need sketches of both characters and environments

its for a personal project with no professional budget so the money is coming out of pocket. I will reach out and commission you for pieces when I need them/can afford them at the rate you define.

I'm opening up for more commission slots!  If you're interested in getting into my queue, feel free to contact me by DMs, Telegram, or Discord.  If you've got something in mind for holidays or other gift-giving occasions, just let me know and I'll do my best to meet any deadlines.

oh no....deeran? 😳

2 years ago, I applied for private sponsorship for a refugee to bring to Canada.

The refugee is a dear friend of mine, a gay Syrian in Beirut.

More than 120 people donated to the fundraising campaign to bring him here. But now that he's arriving, I would like to get him a bit more $$, as the value of the donations has depreciated because of inflation.

Please donate if you can!

I'll always be immensely grateful for the numerous people who helped me in this process.

techy, webassembly 

Although oddly enough, it’s hard to find a good wasm guide for programming it. There’s:

- guides on how to compile other languages to it
- guides on how to run / embed it
- the official reference (very dense reading)

But nothing more reasonable about writing it directly or targeting it for compilation.

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techy, advent of code 

And today’s problem is arguably even higher level.

Might do some tricks because of that…

Honestly if these problems didn’t rely on sampling while they run, I would be trying to learn to compile them to webassembly

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