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Pinned intro thread post, see replies!

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You Are Required To Show Me Your Dragon

Thank You

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Pinning a lorger version of this prof pic cuz I can't get over how cute it is


an urban fantasy adventure game that takes place in a nursing home and there's a 72-hour time limit but you can travel back in time to the start 

looking through old design revisions as if they were baby photos

Help bring Rapheal home! Our relative Rapheal is currently serving a life sentence for defending himself. Rapheal's story is a moving one about resilience, healing from abuse, and standing up for yourself. Watch his Ted Talk and consider donating to his legal defense here: If you can't donate, please share and help us get #JusticeForRapheal!

I'm kobold and dragon and that's pretty rad actually

@k does it involve a segment about cod? a codpiece, if you will

A radio show about how I used to be a fish. A codpast, if you will

I’m never mad when someone calls it an “ATM Machine (Automated Teller Machine Machine)” because I once saw one that said “ATM: Access To Money” and well... they’re not wrong

food kink 

asking for money for our cat 


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There’s like 4 of y’all streaming at once I wanna watch plus I promised another friend I’d watch more Hunter x Hunter :blobsweats:

How do I find out who’s trying to hack into my ancient LoL account I used like twice

I want to just give it to them

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