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Remember, the first step is to decenter yourself.

I get it, you're trying to learn about how to help uplift BIPOC voices better.

But, you need to take it away from yourself.

It isn't about you.

It's about them.

I've seen it claimed that "the family of George Floyd wants folks to donate elsewhere, now that they have enough money--"

1. Has anyone found a source for this claim?

2. If not and it's still accurate, why hasn't the gofundme page been updated?

I keep seeing people say "Bail funds have enough money" and idk about other cities but this definitely is NOT true for Philly.

Bails are getting set HIGH and it takes time for the cash to get returned to the fund.

We've had over 450 arrests of protestors in Philly. Bail funds are for ALL arrests and with COVID-19 they're trying to bail as many as possible.

Last week the average bail was $16,382 to get someone out. Having "more than enough money" is having over $7mil for 450 ppl

DOES Pineapple belong on Pizza???

Vote NO by donating to Philadelphia Bail Fund

Vote YES by donating to

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Seattle PD seeks photos and video 

blm rebellions, violence/death, prediction (--) 

protests, defending black protesters from cops 

fyi for generally protest-inexperienced white people:

its okay to be scared of going to these things. Scary things can, and do sometimes happen at these things. We’ve all seen the videos of pigs escalating out of nowhere

but as one of you said to me, sometimes we gotta do scary stuff

and trust me, you’ll feel better afterward. Better than staring. Better than feeling powerless or like an enabler or on the wrong side of history (even if you’re not one, its hard to avoid feeling like that)

national lawyer's guild seattle:

Our phone line to call for legal assistance is still available today: 206-658-7963.

Protest resource, please boost 

DTF? hell yeah i'm

To mutual aid and bail


"If anyone who lives near downtown Seattle has access to RTL-SDRs and has technical knowledge, and can spin up an instance of Trunk Recorder to broadcast to OpenMHZ, the only feed on there is of Eastside/Bellevue.

Having that instead of Broadcastify would separate out talkgroups"

time for crab 

Sometimes, I can't re-retoot a toot if it was retooted once before. Anyone see anything like this?

Now that Antifa is declared a terrorist organization, they are eligible to receive funding and weapons from the CIA

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