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attempting through force of will to become a cute robot

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kin with the developer of cogmind forgetting mechanics in his own game

Zak S 

fucking incredible how many OSR dudes are trying to act like theres no way anybody couldve known zak was a shithead and continuing to support other shitheads

very happy that battlefleet gothic armada 2 has factions that Arent The Fucking Imperium. and theyre 2 of the best ones


i want some fucking w**d but i dont have the money for it

hootin and hollerin about mechwarrior 5 baby

broke: seeing adobe raise their prices and moving to another program

woke: seeing adobe raise their prices and moving to pirating their software

i feel like there's a group of people at bungie whose job it is to make a fun game and then another group of people whose job it is to bog down that fun game with as many stupid annoying chores as they can think of

here's hoping vampire 5th edition becomes less of a mess of edgelord bullshit

me: hey stellaris' hive minds could use a bit more flavor and civics. i should make a simple fun mod that does that

also me: what if i created an entirely new hive mind economic chain that uses organic materials as resources

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gonna start calling your assigned gender your "baby gender" bc it falls out when u get older like ur baby teeth

god i wish mastodon was so much more approachable than it is rn

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