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whenever i need a laugh this month im just gonna remember kelloggs getting their shit wrecked

@josie_B_B now I’m wondering if someone could get hired as a scab and then intentionally fuck up to support the strike

@cinebox pretty sure that's what happened lol. some people on reddit were clogging up the application portal so maybe some of them also decided to do this

@josie_B_B "scabs wreaked havoc on the factory"
Maybe there are good scabs out there after all...

@minervissa finally science has discovered acceptable scab behavior

@josie_B_B @vfrmedia and of course the scabs to rerail the train came from Ohio

(I’m from Ohio, can confirm, Ohioans can be the fucking worst)

@bhtooefr @josie_B_B @vfrmedia Well being outside of Ohio for the duration of the job was part of the deal so I'm not surprised some people took it.

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