if your professors don't care what format or fonts you should use when turning in assignments, don't go through the extra effort to make them compliant with standards that mayyybe a third of professors are strict about

and the professors that are specific about their style and give you LaTeX templates to use, they're the best

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At 102, Katherine Johnson didn't owe the world a damn thing and I'm glad she got to live to see her work get the recognition a black woman was never going to get in the 60s.

Even now we don't give her enough credit -- in the movie of Hidden Figures, a white man was invented to tell everyone that the toilets were no longer segregated, but in real life she did that herself -- but I hope she got to bask in the appreciation of generations of marginalized people who learned about her.

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The stock market is bad but I think it’s important that leftists know how the capitalist economy functions, if only to better understand the patchwork of magic and wishes that holds this stupid system together. Most oligarchs have studied Marx, you’re hamstringing yourself if you think you don’t need to know your enemy.

Don't know how much sense this makes but for me it's sort of like:

Gender: a group of eccentrically dressed twenty-somethings vaping outside a 7-11

Sexuality: cool anime fight scenes

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Anyways this is my 'sona Vic (it/its pronouncs) (drawn by @drexagon) and it's a very happy but also moody lil' chain chompy friend! it's always happy to get its hands dirty when it matters and it does NOT!!!!! like power stars

Parece que está rolando uma iniciativa nessa instância de postar fotos de felinos domesticados, então aí vai o meu Igor #gatodonte

apparently the upcoming season of castlevania has a new lady and she is Big so i guess i'm watching that now

the existence of reply guys implies the existence of fav girls and retweet enbys

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Idea for a flip phone

a regular smartphone with a plastic front shell to its case that you can see through

it isn't a screen, merely a screen protector that actually prevents a screen from shattering

i know they make wallet cases like this, but I never see any hard shells

How is it 2020 and the best way to say "you need to pay/log in/see an ad/pretend to read our TOS before and occasionally while using our wifi" is to man-in-the-middle the non-HTTPS connections nobody makes anymore?

it's a bit early but here's your reminder that the IRS made a free online tax filing service the year before last but before anyone could use it Intuit and H&R block donated a lot of money to a couple congressional campaigns and congress made it illegal for the IRS to do that

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