you might not like it, but this is what peak UX design for word processing looks like

@jollysea I learned to use a word-processing soft with this one when I was a kid and I used to love it ! It was the great time when designers were making softwares for kids 🌺

@imacrea yes, me too! I don't think I'd be a journalist now if not for this software!

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@jollysea thanks to this soft I made a kind of newspaper for my friends when I was 10 at school. And then I switched to Publisher. So many memories :)

@imacrea ha, me too! I was in a group similar to scouts and made a monthly-or-so paper about our recent activities. Everybody had to contribute and write a report once in a while, mostly by hand, on paper. I (or my parents) would type them and then I'd print a master version which was shrinked, copied and then send to everybody :D

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