Hello! I'm looking for P&P-people that would be willing to talk (chat/mail) to me for an article. I'm planing a series for the weekly newspaper I'm working for, where I'll cover the basics and try to explain why different people love role-playing.

I'm especially interested in queer/lgbtiq rpg players and educators using rpgs in formal/non-formal education settings, but NOT exclusively.

It is of course possible to remain anonymous if that would be necessary.

Boosts are welcome, thank you!

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@jollysea I could do this? I don't fit the specifics in that I'm not LGBT and haven't strictly speaking used RPGs in an education setting, but I do discuss & teach a bit about RPGs & their presentations of medieval history in my classes.

@jollysea I would be happy to talk with you about the queer content I wrote into the *1879* ttrpg from FASA, and about running inclusive scenarios at GenCon.

@jollysea I am a huge gay nerd who plays a whole, whole lot of tabletop. I would be happy to give you something.

@jollysea P&P as in pencil-and-paper? We're a trans nonbinary ace plural system and have been playing such roleplaying games for a long time; it's something we could talk about for sure.

- Packbats 🎒

@jollysea well sure. I’m no educator, but I am pretty damn Gay, and I’m old; I’ve been playing since the 80s and contributed illustrations for a few smaller TRRPGs.

@jollysea If you still need some ppl, I'm interested! I'm queer, genderqueer and long time "das Schwarze Auge" DM with some player and/or DM experience in various other systems

@jollysea if you still need someone I'm both queer and a educator using rpg (DnD to be specific) as a language learning tool

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