Today I made iced tea and it worked? Granted, I had to put 3 trays of ice cubes in the hot tea but it was cold and tasted like tea afterwards?

I am amazed

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Relaxing (ymmv) thought of the day:
No need to panic now. There'll be plenty time for that later.

Hey, ich hab zwei Comics/Graphic Novels zum Thema trans rezensiert:

kann euch beide ans Herz legen, auch wenn der Klappentext bei beiden bissi merkwürdig ist

casual reminder:
there is a CSS framework to make websites look like windows 98

i want to write an edgy, cryptic, yet wholesome toot

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Me: It's hot, but it's evening, I should open the window
*looks to the window*
window: is already open

kinda lewd (??), ec 

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why are they called ecosocialists and not leaftists

the story about the man in Berlin that got his bag with his laptop in it stolen by a wild boar, chased the boar naked, had no problem that someone published his photos online and laughed about them is such a feel good story?

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for me, it is bisexual to drink a coffee. it is bisexual to read a book. it is bisexual to enjoy a snack. but the most bisexual thing? to trip over my own feet, fall 20 foot down a concealed mine shaft and break every single bone in my body.

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incel, excel, fig 

is "be gay, do crime" a prescriptive statement that becomes true no matter what?

if you are gay and don't do crimes, you break the law of being gay and doing crimes, therefore comitting a crime

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Wir suchen aktuell Verstärkung für unser Support-Team, wenn ihr Lust habt nicht nur von uns geholfen zu bekommen, sondern auch mal die andere Seite des Supports kennenzulernen wollt, guckt doch mal hier vorbei:

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I made a thing.

It's a collection of 11 new potions for use in #DnD and other 5e compatible games, as described by Mox the Kobold Paladin.

As normal for me, you can download for free or "pay what you want."

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Ich wünsche mir ja schon länger weitere Kolleginnen im Team, vielleicht klappt es ja :)

Auf jeden Fall suchen wir bei den @ubernauten eine neue Person für unser Support Team. Wenn du also Lust hast, schick uns doch mal eine Bewerbung.

Bei Fragen im Vorfeld könnt ihr euch natürlich auch an mich wenden.

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Here are some glitches for you! I hope you like them, they were made with Python.

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