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PSA: changed my profile picture.

left: old picture
right: new picture, done by

love that one town here is called Meersburg (sea, as in ocean castle)

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Night train went well, shared the compartment with a parent and three children, everybody was friendly and quiet.

Now I'm on the ferry over lake constance. As I have to cross the whole lake, it'll be a while.

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Tried packing, I think I'll be able to fit everything (besides the tent) in my everyday-use backback. but some clothes are still damp, so I'll have to wait a little bit more.

which is fine, I still got so prepare my workshop and I want to clean my flat a little bit before I leave so I don't have to return to a uncleaned flat.

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anyway this is the post go read it, it's a good post about game design and why nintendo uses a child's hand:

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rant about the state of "the internet" 

people on birbsite posting tumblr screenshots too small to read on a normal display and but twitter doesn't let me use the zoom feature of my browser. why is the world forcing me to open more tabs?

this version of the web sucks. why are people posting a screenshot of a wall of text in the first place? because an image tweet is "better", it gets more views and reactions as a tweet with a link (and maybe it hard to get a permalink to the tumblr post, idk?)

this technology was made to share text, it should be the easiest thing. but instead we're living in an algorithmic hellscape with horrible UI

hard to believe people are up after I went to sleep or were awake before I was

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Yesterday, I met with a friend to get the tent we co-own. Now I have everything together. I should prepare my workshop, a thing which I haven't yet done.

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I solved Semantle #114 in 159 guesses. My first guess had a similarity of 1.49. My first word in the top 1000 was at guess #23. My penultimate guess had a similarity of 17.05.

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No no, Walpurgisnacht ist the night the witches meet. Gulaschprogrammiernacht is the night the hackers meet and try to program a stew.


I solved Semantle #113 in 122 guesses. My first guess had a similarity of 13.11. My first word in the top 1000 was at guess #4. My penultimate guess had a similarity of 22.68.


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this weekend is already far too short

immer finden alle alles so vorhersehbar

it's world be day today so congrats to everyone who is

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