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Can we all take a moment to appreciate this photo from Martha Wells (author of the Murderbot Diaries)'s website

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So nice to actually see something when you look in the mirror!

Not a big fan of the pirate party, but:
one of their (2) MPs asked the Luxembourgish transport minister and minister of (space) economy what they thought about the US-report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

The answers: The Administration de la Navigation Aérienne is only controlling registered flights, UFOs/UFAs are not our job.

And the Luxembourgish Space Agency is only developping the economical aspects of spaceflight.

Im letzten Teil meiner Serie über habe ich mir angeschaut, wie Forschung und Lehre mit dem Thema umgehen.

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Demande de conseil / tucking 

Coucou !

J'aimerais me trouver une culotte de tucking, celle que j'ai est devenu trop petite maintenant

Niveau forme je cherche pas forcement "culotte" ça peut etre plus echancré type shorty ou string sans soucis

Je l'avais acheté dans une boutique etsy et j'ai aucun soucis a recommencer si vous avez une bonne adresse

Si elle est achetable en ligne avec un bon guide des tailles c'est mieux

J'ai un budget de 20/30€ avec livraison

Les retours d'expériences sont très bienvenue !

Boost apprécié

looking forward to bi visibilty day because that's the day I'll finally see my partner again

imagine being an old testament angel with 100 eyes and having to wear glasses

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OH: Ich hab schon so viele Domains, die ich nie anziehe!

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btw, ich brauch 1 Job, in Wien. Hab so ein IT-Kolleg grad fertig. Mag Linux, abwechslungsreiche Dinge, Rätsel lösen. Hab ein paar Cisco-Zertifikate, kann ein bissi programmieren. Ich hab sicher keine Erfahrung mit exakt diesem einen Tool, aber ich kann ja Zeug lernen und tu das auch gern. Und am liebsten tu ich nicht mehr als 30 Stunden arbeiten, aber ich bin da, ähem, flexibel.

Lasst mich bitte wissen, wenn euch was unterkommt, was ich vielleicht nicht über die üblichen Seiten finde, ja?

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a man walks into a gold bar 

and says "au"

But I have so many unplayed games in my itch-database. And a lot of unplayed other games. And there are so many new games. Is it worth getting DLCs? :/

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The DLCs are on sale and while I got the main game and a lot of DLCs during a humble bundle, I am tempted …

sex/kink implied 

guess who got their first jockstrap today? :bloblewd:

"Tara is a pretty teenage girl who has always liked Chad since he is always brave. She mostly wears a short red shirt, white shorts, and boots. Whenever salt is poured on her, Tara turns into a tomato. When pepper is poured on her, she sneezes and returns to her human form (usually given a tissue and blowing her nose afterward)."

so it's basically Ranma ½ but with tomatoes

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every few months or so I get the sudden realisation that there was an Attack of the Killer Tomatoes-cartoon series and I watched it as a (quite small) kid.

Ahhh, to have light again! Just replaced the light "bulb" in my trusty desk lamp I've got from @schokopflaster some years ago. 💡

cn food mention 

I'd like to lay in bed all day, cuddle with smb and order pizza.

But I have to work and write this article and then write another one.

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