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eye contact 

PSA: changed my profile picture.

left: old picture
right: new picture, done by

yeahhh, no, I don't think hosting a plemora instance is something I can do :D

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I'm going to miss cybre space. still pondering if I want to migrate to another mastodon instance or if I want to self-host one of the smoler fediverse things, but I'm not sure if I am able to do that.


Ich habe alles im Leben erreicht, was ich je wollte:
Ich bekomme auf Insta Werbung für Kräuterbutter

Sex impliziert 

Leute sagen „Matratzensport“
Sie meinen nicht: Matratzen aufheben, sie an die Wand stellen, drehen, neu beziehen, weitwerfen

mentions of murder & violence 

yesterday, I saw "Prowl" (2010) and "A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night" (2014).

Prowl is the most boring and uninspired thing I saw so far. It's a cliché "group of teens get murdered by supernatural being" movie with the shakiest camera I've ever seen. the initial setup isn't that bad, but nothing comes of it.

But A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night is wonderful, funny and has very good cinematography.

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Trading stickers for money!

You can now buy a random pack of from my ko-fi shop. Get a wide and eclectic selection of the weird shit I like to do!

how to download geoblocked stuff without vpn 

this is very specific for content on german public broadcasting. but if you, a law-abiding, tax-paying german resident find yourself on vacation and want to download geoblocked content from the mediathek, do the following:

-go to and find the url of the file you want
-copy-paste that file into a german web proxy. you can find lists of these online with your favourite search engine. might take a while to find a good one, but often there is.
-your browser will most likely show you the video immediately, you'll need to pause it, hit the alt key and use file -> save as to save the video file.

when I was first watching neon genesis evangelion, one of the episodes I downloaded did not have audio. and I watched it like that, with subs, because I thought that was an artistic choice

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tfw it takes you 12 minutes to realise that maybe you are watching an italian dub and not the persian original.

(my thought was "maybe they have some loanwords?" but then someone said signorina)

internalised homo/bimisia 

I don't know how I would have reacted to them, anyway. maybe some thing would have been clearer by seeing gay and bisexual teenagers?

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Wishing somebody showed me Gregg Araki instead of Quentin Tarantino when I was an impressionable teen.

Experiencing the world in the frame of using these impressions – moods if you will – in whatever you want to maybe create doesn't have to be a bad thing.

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If you need to know, I was riding a replacement bus trough the middle of nowhere. Bus driver was listening to weird recordings with laughter and sound effects in a language I don't understand. That, on a road I don't know to a stop I don't know was kinda spooky.

But in a „this is a mood“ way.

Is that my view on the world now?

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Slightly spooky things happens
Me, thinking of : is it for me?

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"chaos ist links, das ist ja klar"

aus dem kontext gerissen könnte eins manchmal glauben wir wären gar keine links chaostruppe in der arbeit.

(ging um eine zeitungsseite)

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Kennt sich eins von Euch mit PCB-Design und -Bestellung aus? Ich würde gerne PCBs fertigen lassen und frage mich, wie das mit Lieferung und Bestückung so ist...

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