How interested would y'all be in something like a hosted bats-core service? I find myself bundling it with projects enough that I'd probably build something like this if I weren't the only one using it to make the effort worth it lol

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@jmarhee what the heck it's bats-core and can it possibly live up to my expectations based on the name

@jmarhee okay not as cool as I expected (no bats) but neat. What would a hosted service look like?

@krainboltgreene I'm not sure, part of what I want to remove is the requirement that I use all the additional crap from CI systems now in order to use it in a hosted way now, but how that translates into actually building something, idk

@krainboltgreene like I can run it in docker, and use drone (in my case) to load in all the tests I want, but that's extra layers of things I don't want to use, could be way leaner/efficient

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