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guildlings is fun as hell btw, i'm rly enjoying it

running into an issue where a sticker pack app extension (which has zero code) won't upload to app store connect with an ios 13 deploy target b/c it's built for 32 bit(????). has anyone else seen this?

"it's not even in water throughout the summer, it just goes in this fog river, i don't know how else to describe it, i don't even know how it goes, it just does"

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genuinely this is one of the funniest videos i've seen in a while but i can't get anyone else to watch it b/c they don't give a shit abt phantom of the opera and like. i hate phantom this video is just very very funny

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if you think this is a bad thing you are a fucking clown

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teenagers by my chemical romance is a country song

having a fun bug where i can't sign into on my desktop anymore. i'm logged out somehow and trying to log back in just. doesn't do anything. it rules

serving my sacred friendship duty of Person Who You Text When You Have Disneyland Questions this week

11 days and then i don't have to think abt this anymore

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getting married: great!
actually doing a wedding: holy shit this is a nightmare please end my pain

it’s the first soulslike that i’ve even remotely become invested in so i’m really starting from zero on most of the technique stuff

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my name is jae kaplan and i don’t even remotely understand parry timing in code vein and it keeps killing me

still don't understand how web components work but i think i might actually need to learn now

rip skate country superman fellatio fountain
2017 - 2017

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thinking abt the skate country superman fellatio fountain today lads

MOLEK-SYNTEZ REVIEW: this shit whips. scratchin the same good itch as opus magnum did

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