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ok GOOD NEWS is panic support is (unsurprisingly) fantastic so there’s already a replacement unit in processing for me! this one is otherwise working perfectly so im still using it until the new one arrives!

Show thread arrived with damage under the display lmao. time to immediately RMA i guess.

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just to be clear fourth website is a real thing, not an abstract concept, and yes it is actually coming soon

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i'm still gonna be stuck here for a little bit but if you're looking for me off platform i'm jkap on the fourth website. iykyk

today in esmodule hell: jest timing out in CI b/c it's transforming a dependency too slowly

our direct dependencies? easy. _their_ dependencies? webpack's resolver is fine with that. jest requires me to manually specify Every Single One. i am up to 16 and idk how many more are left b/c it only tells me one at a time and our feedback loop is kind of slow

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at this point:
- everything runs fine in the server and browser
- our tests don't run b/c jest requires you do have a custom ignore pattern that excludes esmodules you want transpiled
- you can't automate generating this pattern
- i am in hell

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this time i'm being Stubborn and actually figuring out solutions to our problems because i WANT to use this module it makes everything SO MUCH EASIER TO MANAGE

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every single time i'm like "lemme incorporate this dependency that is an es module only i'm sure the situation has improved since last time i tried" i am wrong every single time

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regularly scheduled work post: i don't know if node.js could have done a worse job managing the esmodule transition if they tried

about two thirds of the way through @crdudeyoutube's latest and this is one of the coolest pieces of consumer hardware i've ever seen. i wish companies still made shit like this. i remain convinced that modern smartphones killed all creativity in tech.


mutual who aren’t following my alt: dm me if you’re interested in trying out The Thing (there’s only like 20 of you max but w/e)

we really should have solved this one by now

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why is sending someone a medium-large file still fucking impossible/a huge pain in the ass

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