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hi everyone. i've been in socal for a full day and a half now and i am remembering that los angeles is too fucking large. thanks

can't even enjoy italian music about public transportation anymore

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heard "funiculi funicula" the other day and my brain couldn't process why is wasn't going progressively Faster

currently getting hit by a tropical storm that formed roughly two minutes ago

[poll] how would you feel if you found out someone you had recently started dating used linkedin as a social media platform

that said i did update the banner for color coordination

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new icon and i didn't even have to update the bio for it lol

anyway i know i don’t usually post selfies Of This Nature but pls enjoy this one from before i attached buttons

i realize this reads like a joke but i am being 100% serious. i will get to the point where i can start dressing like a nomura side character and no one can stop me

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starting small and building skill by making shit that looks like what i wear all the time before i evolve into my final form of Dressing Like A Final Fantasy Character All The Time

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anyway. learning to sew’s going well. i made a shirt as my first project. turned out way better than i expected lol. i’m gonna wear this all the fuckin time now

in the battle of "donda" vs. "certified lover boy", there are no winners. we got a graduation/curtis situation again except neither of the albums are good

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