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columbo: huh, well that’s strange
killer: what is?
c: it’s just that, just the other day you said you were “gone off that loud,” but just now you said you only smoke reggie, nothing above mids. now how could that be?
k: ….well, i consider mids loud, lieutenant

i'm slightly taller than peter falk but i think with my shitty posture i could pull off 5'6

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anyway realized i could pull off a solid columbo so that might be halloween this year

i think the best advice i can give any javascript developer starting out today is to add `node_modules` to your backup software's exclusion list

I know that in theory there are organizations that are building normal multi page websites and I really wish that they would talk about how they are doing that because it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so

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i spent roughly 10 hours of the 12 i accidentally worked today mad about this

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every day i despair over the state of frontend web development tooling for anyone who wants to make a website that isn’t a single page app. today especially

anyway sad ohtani got eliminated but i’m still watching and still having fun

damn shoehei really got fucked by the pitching there 😔

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people are still calling the sailor moon hotline and i don't understand why. it's still shut down. nothing has changed. unless you want to listen to a 20 second recording of me telling you it's shut down there's no reason to call

disney dm me i've got more great ideas like this in the pot

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recoil in fear as Swifty La Rue says your name and home address while making direct eye contact

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Superstar Limo, but using the magicband tech that lets the ride know who you are so that Every Ride Is Personalized

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hey y'all wanna hear a bad idea i just had

it’s at 8pm EDT, it’s on ESPN which i have so i’m happy to manage the stream

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i wanna watch the home run derby with friends tomorrow, who wants to hang out in a discord for that

good morning, i’m watching the kh2 run now :)

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