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*remembers that i am my own boss* shit

anyway fuck all bosses etc etc you already know how this works

if you have unlimited sick time and are giving your employees a Stern Talking Too about how they're sick too often then you're a fucking clown my dude

honestly says a lot when you have an unlimited sick time system but employees are still worried about taking "too much" sick time. "unlimited" sick time and PTO are fake concepts

damn you’re telling me an italian made this ice

47 rotom bikes in my rotom bike account, 47 hammerlocke hills in my hills account

here in the wild area, just bought this new rotom bike here. it's fun to ride up here in the hammerlocke hills

my wife had never heard of shingy but fortunately i was able to fix that today

i wish i was as good at running any grift as shingy is

went to go look up what shingy is up to and it turns out (a) he’s Digital Prophet at verizon now and (b) he doesn’t meet wikipedia’s notability requirements

i know i did my pokemon sword trainer looks well b/c when we were doing a raid battle together eden had to ask if i was using the boy or girl trainer

listened to the Vampire Weekend Song That’s Nominated For All The Awards and i’m glad to hear their sound has moved beyond “early ‘90s paul simon with more cultural appropriation” to “circa 2008 fleet foxes but you’d hear it in a honda commercial”

we still like woodgrain textures as part of UIs right

time to put my knowledge of ca. 2011 web design that i learned via osmosis while working at a design agency in tallahassee for two years to the test

moonlighting as a ui designer b/c we don't have a ui designer b/c who has the money for that. not us

most of my work time since getting back from wedding has been learning to use figma and my opinion is it's good but fuckin obtuse

starting my morning with mostly broken wifi and getting ghosted by a lawyer, wednesday going great so far

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