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not nearly as visually satisfying as opus magnum but still real good

molek syntez is on some bullshit and i love it

not a fan of how dark it already is outside!!!!

this isn't a call out, i did the same thing, i just love that we all think alike

love that the pattern among my friends is *sees promare* *immediately starts RTing a bunch of art of lio fotia*

if you don’t know of any but can at least empathize with my pain that works too

it’s one of my favorite types of food and as far as i can tell it straight up doesn’t exist here and that kills me

do any of y’all know of a good raising cane’s/guthrie’s/zaxby’s/publix style chicken finger restaurant in the bay area? b/c i have been trying to figure that out since i moved here and i’ve got nothing still

seriously i was concerned that they were gonna go the Coward’s Route and not make emily gay, as she likely was historically, and they demonstrated in the FIRST EPISODE that they weren’t fuckin cowards

• phenomenal production design
• great performances
• deliberately out of place modern dialogue and music
• lesbians

watching Dickinson and i can’t believe this show is actually good

bummed out abt this! really hoping they do more shows

two of my devices are still sitting in a queue to be told there aren't any tickets available, which is Not Great UX

having an Anxiety as i sit in the MCR queue on three separate devices

fulfilled my halloween tradition of watching over the garden wall tonight and great news gamers it still fuckin whips

jk i've been informed wotan exists so i don't have to use p*l*nt*r software now

There Is No Ethical TypeScript Linting Under Capitalism

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