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the constsnt struggle of Wanting To Post A Bunch About Shit I Like vs the hard to shake internalized shame of Liking Things

is it not enough to see will smith, blue?

must a movie be good? is it not enough to see will smith, twice?

i want 80ft tall sword lesbian but lesbian is censored b/c homophobia

[poll] need a new steam name for destiny 2. should i pick:

censored b/c i don't want those ppl in my fucken mentions

i didn't really see a ton of value in learning how to use k*bernetes for personal projects but now that i'm working with it in a dev environment that someone else setup for me i can see why ppl go so wild abt this shit

and i'm not just saying that b/c i'm sad we lost, i was saying the same thing last week

ANYWAY i think the wild card should be a 3 game series b/c no other part of baseball is dependent on a 1 game series and i think this is a weird exception

unfortunately my actual costume won’t be 80 feet tall due to budget limitations

ok i decided that my Spooky Name is just gonna be a hint at my halloween costume for this year so here’s yr hint

we lost btw if that wasn’t clear

i have working cell service again. here’s me for the past three hours

we hit critical mass and my cell service is slowing to a crawl. see y’all on the other side!

mount davis with people in it will never not look weird

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