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making good progress on my halloween costume (the hat is not part of the costume)

hey if you make visual reference to another piece of media is that an Optical Allusion

side note i’m playing CoM again and holy shit i’d forgotten how good the sprite work is??? gorgeous game

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(he actually says the right thing in re:com but com is just.... this)

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they used the gun and now i have an Infection

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hype that they put some homestuck music in smash. idk who sans is tho

ok now that sans is in smash we need a new meme character. i vote untitled goose

me @ bradley when he’s meowing in the bedroom at 2 in the morning: sir your vibes are rancid and i’m going to have to ask you to leave

i like literally any post on tumblr and this is all the site has for me

shout out to the teens hot boxing the space between two BART cars, i rly wish y’all wouldn’t b/c it’s mostly leaking into our car

fairly compensating labor is important to me

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