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playing final fantasy xiii for the first time b/c i think lightning is hot and it turns out it’s also a good video game

This is Knuckles
And you've reached the Death Chamber
(Death Chamber)
(Death Chamber)
(Death Chamber)

watching my wife play sonic adventure 2 gamers

i’ve been sick for like two weeks now i think? it sucks and i don’t like it

sharpedos and chain chomps are related

i feel like sharpedo barks. that’s just the noise it makes. thanks

currently sweating like a feral hog on said BART car

commuting from oakland to SF is terrible b/c you have to dress for oakland weather AND SF weather (always colder) AND un-air-conditioned BART car weather. it’s too much

if i were 30-50 hogs i would simply run into a yard in under 3 minutes to avoid being shot by rural americans

critical support for 30-50 feral hogs

if you have a tired eeveelution that’s a sleepeon

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