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i do not have $540 for a filemaker license. i do not want to spend that much.

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need a spooky fursona comm

i know i just got this one but i need a spooky one for hall of ween

how long do y'all think until patreon does an NFT thing

played the first stage of back 4 blood and it fuckin rules, add me, yrfriendjkap#5588

hey who would y'all recommend for vrchat avatar commissions. i don't actually play vrchat that much but wanna have that 3d model on hand

ok that said this is technically a spoiler but also i gotta talk about the surprisingly upsetting Old Gonzo. this dude sucks to look at. what a great design

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it’s so much easier for me to write about why i don’t like things than why i do, which is why you only see more than two sentence reviews on things below 3 stars. wish that wasn’t the case but oh well

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LRT: always a huge fan of the complete non-standardization of baseball stadiums outside of base positions

to clarify, that's $60 charged for $5 of donations, which is comically unsustainable, so that's why it's down again

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anyway it's shutting off again for now. $60 in under 24 hours is a bad sign.

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is it tik tok? maybe! that app is completely opaque to me and i have no idea how to tell what's happening every. drives me insane

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by far most frustrating part of every time the sailor moon hotline Blows Up is that i have literally no way to tell where the new spread is happening b/c it sure as shit isn't here as far as i can tell

must a movie make sense? is it not enough to see a beautiful face, moving backwards?

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