OK APPARENTLY billy lynn's long halftime walk (ang lee's last 120fps film) got a 4k/60fps blu ray release so. i'd be fine with that

i know that a 120fps home release isn't happening (i'm like 90% sure there just isn't a way for them to do that) but if i could at least get a 60fps home release of gemini man i'll be good

the biggest problem with gemini man is that i will never see it like that again and so few people will get to see it this way and that sucks

you ever see a movie like “that had no fuckin right being that good what the fuck”

y’all i was not expecting a lot today but this is actually one of my fav action movies of all time now

also so much of both will smiths on screen was clearly just ang lee flexing and it actually worked rly well

i think part of why Young Will Smith works so well is the movie spends like 20m adjusting you to the hyper real cinematography before introducing him, at which point you’re used to it

i saw it in 120fps 3d so i cant speak to how it’ll look Normal Style but honestly shooting it at that high frame rate fuckin WORKED. shit was GOOD. the action sequences actually gained a lot but weren’t overwhelming

young will smith actually worked???? what the fuck???? ang lee what the fuck

bad news gamers Gemini Man fuckin whipped actually

dude you just gotta click will_smith_twice.exe this isn’t hard

catch me online seeing will smith twice at the ruins of sony’s y2k dreams

shout out to me living near one of the 13 theaters in north america playing it like this. ready to die

seeing Will Smith Twice today in 120fps 3d so i’ll let y’all know if i die immediately

hooked up my fight stick to play killer queen black and gamers? it feels right

it's happening again but this time it's ienzo/zexion which like. can you blame them twitter.com/jkap/status/109774

sometimes you just wanna see a dyke yelling alternately about baseball and kingdom hearts

why are there new people who see this account and say "hell yeah now THIS is what i'm looking for on this godforsaken hellsite"

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