creating problems for my phone’s white balance detection on purpose

expanding my collection of shirts with plant patterns

too lazy to edit. here's the last 2:20ish of an extremely stressful (for me) match that i still won b/c i'm a pro fortnite gamer

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i desire the attention and dopamine hit that comes from this sort of thing. hit me

i have a white whale collector item that i've wanted for a long time. it's not a computer, it's not a video game, it's not a console or anything, but it is a piece of movie memorabilia

that's right i'm talking about the knockoff martin scorsese presents goncharov boots

anyway i got into the metahuman creator early access and tried to make someone with a selfie for ref, and they don't look like me but they do look like a cool lesbian so i at least partially succeeded

seeing them all go over the big turn made me very happy :)

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anyway during my lunch break i verified that multiple AI racers works (it does but it's weird b/c of AI issues rn) and added actual position tracking!

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