at the target youtube aisle, y’all want anything

she keeps sending me this shit and then immediately turning off notifications. why

tfw shrek's donkey is chatting with girls @ universal studios hollywood he...

i also want for you to do the thing that other people are doing

amazon bringing me recommendations from a parallel dimension. this is absolute an AU jae fit

by far one of the funniest application settings i've ever seen

i made some overly-serious showcase renders of the 3d goncharov patches b/c i needed to set up an artstation account for other reasons and figured "fuck it why not"

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hands are finally starting to do better enough that i can make some ice cream again

writing the best javascript of my life right now

favorite part of the elbow length compression gloves is my now omnipresent seam lines. shout out disability for making me embrace some new aesthetics

My initial draft button layout has me using my index, middle, and ring fingers for the top 3 D pad buttons and my palm for the down button, inspired by the palm function keys on my ergonomic keyboard

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