F1 question: do they just not race in the rain anymore? are rain races illegal now or something? why the fuck does this keep happening

i watched the entirety of the spa 2021 TV broadcast and it was a fucking nightmare. if they do that shit again i will explode


odds on:
- monaco finishing before the indy 500 starts in 3 hours
- monaco STARTING before the indy 500 starts in 3 hours

at this rate it _definitely_ won't start before the 24h Nürburgring wraps in abt half an hour

i’m surprised it took so long for them to red flag there. while the car may have been easy to remove the barriers were way too out of wack to fix under safety car

very glad that mick is ok. wild that he’s had a “car snaps in half” crash twice now

also wild to see ferrari fuck up on strategy Yet Again. charles lecursed

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