finally getting around to watching Tenet the way chris nolan intended. what an incredible film.

also, unsure if i’m the first (couldn’t find anyone else at least) but i also got Bad Apple running and this is absolutely the perfect display for it

damn this bload up while your all here @no_software

@jkap now you need to find some way of making videos play at a speed dependent upon how fast you turn the crank.

@Vordus yeah i spent some time working on this but couldn't get it to feel right, just was getting too much noise in the crank values. probably will try again later tho

@jkap I am always so much happier to see this running than another Doom port. :cyber_heart_sparkle:

@jkap @kadybat i hope it's set up so that when you turn the crank forward it plays forward and when you turn the crank backward it plays backward

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