The Xbox adaptive controller I ordered a couple days ago showed up and I’m already having fun coming up with a button layout that works well for me. My goal is to be able to play lighter intensity games during flareups so that I’m not fully cut off from my hobbies


My initial draft button layout has me using my index, middle, and ring fingers for the top 3 D pad buttons and my palm for the down button, inspired by the palm function keys on my ergonomic keyboard

I played a little bit of touhou luna nights with the set up to get a feel for if the D pad is going to work and it feels fucking great. I can tell this is going to be really helpful for me

in terms of control schemes, I’m planning to take some inspiration from the mappings used by people using DDR dance pads to play dark souls and etc

while the pain is a lot more manageable now than it was a couple days ago, I am unfortunately still very much deep in this flareup at the moment and so being able to actually engage in my hobbies is already feeling really good

I imagine I’ll post more about the actual set up I end up using as I go so keep an eye out for that. Maybe I’ll stream some thing at some point! Who knows

i also ordered an adapter that will let me use it with my ps5 and switch. full coverage!

my hope is to get everything setup in a way where i can maybe play more chicory this weekend b/c that has been a no-go unfortunately

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