i love how the US medical system means that doctors can do basically whatever they want. saw a doctor back in 2016 around hand nerve damage issues, covered by insurance, paid them the difference, then they reported $63 to a debt collector so my credit is even more fucked

it also rules that the US credit system is set up in a way where $63 of medical debt you don't know about is enough to fuck up your credit for seven years

i am trying to get my shit under control enough that maybe some day i can buy a house but wow this system is really setup to punish even small mistakes while making it near impossible to recover

THE GOOD NEWS IS at some point we passed 7 years from when i accrued a bunch of debt trying to avoid being homeless so that's not on my credit report anymore, as a result my score is Better Than I Thought but still abysmal

almost good enough for most banks to give me an FHA mortgage once i have a down payment! so that's good! improvement! and i'm still working on it!

i am not seriously pursuing home ownership until the market here gets less wack (it's currently Very Wack) but i would at least like for the option to exist

UPDATE: i disputed the $63 because i was pretty certain i had actually paid this and got a response back from the credit bureau within a business day of “yeah lol who gives a shit it’s $63” with it deleted from my record


UPDATE: the removal finished processing and my credit score dropped 29 points. normal system

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