if u see a horseshoe crab stuck on their back, just flip ‘em! they’re just weird ocean roombas

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in case u were wondering the Just Flip 'Em! trademark was cancelled in 2008 so u can use the phrase in any context you want now

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i bought the hat but you can also just buy the signs, which i will likely do to decorate my apartment when i move somewhere that has horseshoe crabs (not california)

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@jkap image caption: a sign at a beach that says "Just flip 'em!" with a cartoon diagram that shows a horseshoe crab on its back, a hand flipping it upright, and an upright horseshoe crab trundling happily into the water. there's a slogan of "Help a stranded horseshoe crab" and a website, and also a blank square that you can scan for a QR code to "see the video."

@jkap Finally the answer to my question, "what am I supposed to do with all these stranded horseshoe crabs?"
This is really going to clear up my living room.

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