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a) lol rip tumblr
b) “female presenting nipples” is the funniest shit i’ve ever read with my eyes

women and nipples who identify as women

does gnc tity count as "female presenting". can we still post butch tity

@jkap AWWW YEAH ITS ENBY NIPPLES TIME TO SHINE! they're not porn, tumblr said so!

uspol-based joke 

@jkap nevertheless, the nipples presented

@jkap Article 13 will be the least of their worries, put it that way.

@jkap Well..I'm not that concerned anymore, since I stopped using it ages ago.

Tumblr shot themselves in the foot for me over the FOSTA/SESTA mess, I find it kind of funny that they've upgraded to a bazooka while my back's turned.

I'm fully aware of Schadenfreude, and yes, it is, know. :B

Now if only I had a facepalm image of Jade...

@jkap @hi_cial I know a couple cis guys who have very “feminine” nipples. Would shirtless selfies of them be taken down? xD

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