@jkap any chance of sharing this out? This is fantastic.

@jennatar @ja2ke @jkap it's very important that the thumbs instance have this theme available.

@jkap Woohoo! Is the source for that available anywhere? Is it just CSS plus images?

@jkap is there any place where I can get this beauty ?

@jkap this is the theme i use and its great

personally though i want a mac os 9 theme

@jkap OMG why would you do that >_< (it’s great tho)

@jkap this is a very good and fun way to see someone i know on here. so hi!

@pat hi pat! welcome to the elephant website

@jkap thank you thank you. good job on the clippytodon!

Please send me this styles sheet. This is awesome.

@snugcrow i’ve been using pinafore but brutaldon is extremely powerful and strong

@jkap oh my God that's horrifying. I love it.

@jkap Now I wish it were possible to customize your Mastodon theme as a user and not just an instance owner lol

@PepVerbsNouns @jkap You can log in on websites which act as third party clients or use custom CSS extensions for the browser 🤔

LB: has a site theme that makes the web interface look like windows 95



I'm not sure how upset I should be with how much I want this for myself.

*feels eyes burning*

@GIMcGrew @jkap I really like my theme, but I really wanna take this one as an alt

@jkap I am both impressed and horrified by this magnificent effort.

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