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never posted this when it dropped but i published this with my co-founder back in march, we may or may not have an announcement coming real soon so now's a good time to read it if you didn't before

i gotta ask. has it ever worked for anyone ever

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xbox cloud gaming is hilarious b/c every so often i'll say "ok let's see if it actually works now" and then while on ethernet on my gigabit internet it'll tell me my internet isn't fast enough to keep up

ok but actually The Reveal in the new defunctland fuckin rules. love that sort of thing

FACT CHECK: 39 is a coward’s number, i did over 50

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oh to be in a field programming a gate array

spent some time with my wife in @MinecraftParks last night and i'm still in awe of what that team has accomplished. every time i thought "i wonder if they did [x] on this ride" the answer was "yes, and even better than you thought was possible"

i s2g i will eventually get a photo of it and not forget every single time

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NOTE TO MY FUTURE SELF: the “check your jugs” billboard is around mile marker 226

glass beach!!! got to see @jonasnewhouse again!!! fuck yeah!!!!

fucking phenomenal set from @likerealproper!!! i’ve had “i spent the winter writing songs about getting better” in rotation for a bit now and it was fuckin great to actually see them

excited for @glassbeachband tonight :)

like if i go to a specific designer's gallery i just have a big list of liveries with no idea how to actually apply them. i can download them to my browser but that doesn't actually help at all. howmst

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is there any way in forza to see which car a livery in the browser actually goes with

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