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never posted this when it dropped but i published this with my co-founder back in march, we may or may not have an announcement coming real soon so now's a good time to read it if you didn't before

you can learn more about the lime sours, which they were unfortunately out of stock of today, here:

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they fuckin nailed the sour flavor profile and the way everything interacts but the tangerine flavor is SO MUCH BETTER. absolutely phenomenal, can't wait for them to try lime (their existing lime soda sour is one of my favorite candies they make)

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- early access

my entire house is losing its shit from three different rooms. i'm dying

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ok this mario movie cast list is the funniest thing i've ever seen actually

yes i know this isn't even really a video game so much as it is a crypto scam with some loose gameplay elements

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i love when i got to a video game website and the one of the hero links is a whitepaper

oh shit got tumblr post+ access

would you pay $3.99/mo to read my posts

also feel like i'm constantly underleveled even tho i'm taking pretty much every fight............ i'm really enjoying this game even though it constantly feels like i'm doing things Wrong

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having a lot of difficulty with the [rot13] qrnqanzr [/rot13] fight in get in the car loser. genuinely unsure how to survive in the second phase. am i missing something obvious

damn this bload up i guess while you're here check out my soundcloud @no_software

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why am i getting so many followers all of a sudden

not exaggerating when i say it changed my life

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good morning gamers. unfortunately i remain haunted, permanently changed, by the cinnamon babka french toast i had for breakfast on sunday.

ok so get in the car loser fuckin rules so far

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