jomboy breakdowns starting to get real fuckin weird

the beholder thinks your vibes are rancid. roll for initiative

*d&d dm voice* yeah uh i need you to roll a vibe check

vibe check! *scoops up my cat like a baby and kisses his dumb forehead until he screams at me*

(it's a quick, gorgeous game, and if you have apple arcade i strongly recommend checking it out)

Assemble With Care (apple arcade game) is inherently queer b/c everyone is fuckin oversharing their entire life story at the first stranger they see

my main and priv icons are both black and white line art and that keeps causing Problems

i tweeted this on the wrong account

i feel like i've reached an important adulthood milestone b/c soon i will own more than one bra and also literally any bras that fit. it's exciting times

today and every day it's the fuckin scala ad caelum battle music

i’m just losing my shit over’s kh comics basically constantly

oh also i think we broke the team single-season home run record today? neat

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