when i say basic i mean Very Basic but it's kind of amazing that this much is even possible

spent some time today exploring Siri Shortcuts since I never spent too much time with Workflow. accidentally implemented a basic version of the disney wait times app i’ve been working on for months

awfully bold to suggest weekend playlists on a tuesday

probably should have asked this earlier this week but i didn’t so i am now

hey east bay jewish friends: i don’t know where i’m going to services tomorrow. if you’re going, lmk where so i can figure out what i’m doing

i miss when my commute was a 20m bus ride from the hennepin transit center to downtown minneapolis

every day i tell myself β€œi’m gonna get some work done at home to make up for the time i couldn’t focus in the office” because every day i forget that taking BART to oakland during rush hour is so impossibly draining i can’t do anything but sleep once i get home

notice to my friends in tech: please do not build parental control software. please consider how the software you’re working on could be used for abuse. please be responsible.

woke up, wondered why everyone was tweeting abt toad, found out, not sure why i even go on this website anymore

i love!!! when my cat is looking in a different direction and i say his name and he turns and looks at me and meows!!!!!! i love my cat!!!!!!!!!

huge shouts out to this rob liefeld spiderman

has anyone done a terrible photomanip on chris evans to make him look like this clown

ok i found the ultimate spider-man. it looks like someone saw a bunch of rob liefeld art and was like β€œhell yes….. cross hatching………”

me: wow i really enjoyed the spider-man video game, i would like to read more spider-man content
marvel: cool ok we got you
me: yeah my wife said ultimate spider-man is good
marvel: which one? 2011-2016? 2018-present? 2009?
me: no the one from like 2000
marvel: the what now

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