make someone huge but far away and angle the camera so it looks like they're sitting in a chair. shit like that

i wish i could adjust character and object scale in data greeting to do shit with forced perspective

ok look i don't wanna complain too much abt data greetings b/c it fuckin whips that it exists at all but also WHY CAN'T I GO TO THE CLOCK TOWER? WHY CAN'T I MAKE ANYONE SIT? WHY CAN'T I HAVE ROXAS DUAL WIELDING ICE CREAM? it's frustrating!

locked face jfc what if i could type

shout out to namine only having two poses, one of which has a locked fact

they gave us he ice creams but like none of the poses work well for holding objects???????? confused

roxas using magic keyblade wielder powers to levitate two sea salt ice creams like right next to his hands

i think it is cowardice that data greeting changes the hand shape when you disable weapons so i can't easily have roxas dual wielding ice cream

DentistForBernie: take this down NOW!! flans only do that when theyre TAKING DAMAGE
14.2k RTs 20.9k favs

appreciate that the in-universe explanation of data greetings is riku fucking around on cid's computer so all the gay shit ppl are making is just. riku did that for Reasons

how are ppl making gay shit in data greetings, i can't figure out how to make anything look good

sometimes u just can’t process spoken words but still wanna watch Videos

hey it sure would be cool if bon appetit had captioning on literally any of their videos

NBA 2k19 confirmed part of the kingdom hearts extended universe

learned abt `position: sticky` today and i’m glad there’s now a real version of the thing we had to use `position: fixed` to hack together before

anyway i finished enough of re mind to feel comfortable being on this account again

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