this is the first shiny i’ve ever gotten in a pokémon game!!! this fuckin rules!!!!

it’s bullshit that u can’t gamble in pokémon anymore. how am i supposed to get a porygon now

i’m sure i’ll think of more the longer i play but this is what i immediately noticed

some things i miss:

• NPCs tossing a pokeball around if they wanna fight
• screen darkening when entering NPC field of view
• battle menu showing type effectiveness for moves


it is really weird to play a pokemon game missing a lot of the niceties of ultra sun/moon. idk why a bunch of stuff didn’t make it forward

tfw u hear yr air purifier kick in on Super High Power

well that’s not ideal
Parts of the Bay Area are now in the VERY Unhealthy range

Air Quality Index (AQI) Update
- SF = 201
- Oakland = 202
- Livermore = 195
- San Jose = 185
- Redwood City = 195

which isn’t technically wrong, but the road between my house and school had a 45mph speed limit, no sidewalks, and deep ditches on each side of the road with uncleared vegetation. walking would have been extremely dangerous, which is why i never did it

actually i can think of one time i got in trouble when i shouldn’t have. the school decided that my car getting crushed by a tree overnight, keeping me from getting there, counted as an “unexcused absence”, because i lived “close enough to walk”

this is not the only time i snuck off campus nor is it the only time i got caught trying to sneak off campus but it is the only time i got caught and then did it anyway

i think the stupidest shit i did that i didn’t even execute on well was the time i got caught trying to sneak off campus and then just left anyway. i (unsurprisingly) got suspended for this

i did a lot of stupid shit and got in trouble for a lot of it and deserved all of it

is this about stupid shit i did and got in trouble for or shit i got in trouble for that i shouldn’t have

because there is literally none of the latter lmao
what's the stupidest thing u ever got in trouble for at school ? mine was the time i got put on time out and wasnt allowed go on dance mat typing all because i said i was happy that our teacher was out sick that day

genuinely alarmed by how many people i’m seeing walking around without respirators on

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