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never posted this when it dropped but i published this with my co-founder back in march, we may or may not have an announcement coming real soon so now's a good time to read it if you didn't before

streaming fortnite. come hang out while i blast dudes with beams

a lot of the sort of Mentorship that would be useful for first-time startup founders (the three of us) is gated behind VC-run incubator programs, which we are inherently blocked from by virtue of not accepting VC money. so we're having to figure shit out as we go.

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an important thing here is that none of us have really had to do this sort of thing before and so we're figuring out a lot of the metrics stuff as we go. means we're making some mistakes in how we do things, but the important part is adjusting when we need to

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big cohost news: we've changed which metrics we're using to calculate "how many people can we activate," which shifts the math in favor of "more activations per day." we just activated 999 users, our largest batch so far! more detail here

i feel like every day i wake up and someone has posted one of the coolest things i've ever seen on cohost and i'm just like. damn we made a pretty good website huh. that rules

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i know i keep saying this shit, and i will probably keep saying it forever, but it's still so fucking exciting for me that people like cohost as much as they do. i love cohost! i think we're doing a good job on it! and i'm glad our users like it too!

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we got, a Storybook-based collection of post formats,, a full fledged pre-processor with support for svelte,, a tool for formatting chatlogs with custom templates, maybe even more!

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it will never stop being unimaginably cool to me that people are writing Posting IDEs for cohost

another banger lost to the ages :/ this is "good pussy hit like pastrami on rye" all over again

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shit did "avert thine eyes from the end of a light universe" get deleted. i liked that tweet

this is also one of the most stressful things i've ever written lmao. talking publicly about money is a nightmare for me even if it's important for us ideologically to be transparent about this

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long staff post on cohost today talking about our Financials and where we're at. we go into detail about pay, expenses, MRR, and our conversion rate targets. please consider reading

do any of y'all know a fix for the classic "if you leave docker desktop running overnight it prevents your macbook from sleeping and drains the battery" issue

alt text on attachments was one of those ones we Knew We Needed the entire time but couldn't really get started on until after all the fires were out. i'm still slowly recovering and working on new stuff again. exciting times

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thrilled to have finally shipped a big feature that i've been "working on" for a bit over two weeks (i spent a total of three days working on it with 2 weeks of covid sick time sandwiched in the middle)

already forgot cotweeting is a real thing this website announced and not just people deliberately calling our site the wrong thing

big @cohost_org update: we've issued invites for everyone who's already activated! if you can post, you can invite one (1) other person to post! take advantage of this!

ended up just making it cohost only lol. i've got Styles and shit there why would i use a different website

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