gonna deactivate my accounts for an indeterminate amount of time around noon PST today (1/6). mutuals can DM me if u want me to give u some way to contact me. otherwise i'll see y'all whenever i come back

guess who went to services for the first time in over a year and had a rly great time that’s right it’s this bitch

me, watching ellen play smash: i feel like yr focusing too much on that horrible assist trophy and not the guy
ellen: his name is Sukapon
me: wow i don’t even need to say it huh

it’s been an hour so now i have to decide what i hate more: doubletyping OR numpads. b/c this sucks too

sure do need to clean the keycaps on this tho they are getting kind of nasty

anyway. my razer blackwidow double types certain keys constantly, so i swapped out for my wife’s since she doesn’t use hers right now. hers also double types but different keys. i think it’s just a design issue with the switches.

i don’t usually like using this for work b/c numpad + the little dots are on D and K for some reason instead of F and J as is normal and it throws off my touch typing BUT ALSO i had forgotten how fuckin good these switches are

got mad enough about my keyboard double typing keys that i just got out my AEK II and adb-usb adapter and that’s what i’m using for work today (please excuse my horrendously messy desk)

amazing that 2018 gave us two of the most ambitious pieces of animation of all time.... Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse..... and Hellshake Yano

i can't postpone either b/c i did last year lol

got a jury duty summons that wants me to go to fuckin DUBLIN like are u kidding me

this is what i’m doing instead of debugging ruby
RT @kadybat@twitter.com
my wife has sent me probably 50 texts in the last 3 minutes about what she thinks should be done to the Peoplemover at Disneyland and as a follow up she just texted me the words “okay Tomorrowland master plan” and is going off about the whole thing now

I love her so much 😭

someone on the lego subreddit claimed to live in san francisco and not know what salesforce tower is and i’m so confused and upset. it’s the tallest tower. they’ve been building it for years. you can see it from basically everywhere. how do you not know what it is. go outside

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