have been unable to stop thinking abt the single scene joke of Special Limited Edition Cowboy Darrell since watching that episode last week

i’m a simple woman. i see a robot dressed as a cowboy and i lose my fuckin mind

from Special Limited Edition Cowboy Darrell to Lord Cowboy Darrell. what a glow up

the character design is fucking Visionary tho and the soundtrack absolutely bangs so i’ll stick with it probably

started playing UNIST, did pretty good in arcade, decided to play a couple online rounds, got absolutely demolished. standard fighting game experience for jae

me on my way to the kitchen at 3am to eat shredded cheese right out of the bag

like i feel like i was playing it well? just couldn't do even remotely enough damage :/

finally got it working, got to chapter 13, died three times on the ravus fight doing basically no damage and then got mad and stopped playing

folks you ever put 15 hours into a game and then come back the next day to play it and it just won't start anymore. can't relate

update: probably gonna stop playing ffxv again b/c it's just. not booting anymore. sick

FFXV is unfortunately pretty obviously the result of a salvaged, cancelled game, but it's also a good way to tide me over until kh3 re:mind comes out so

replaying FFXV and remembering a lot of what i strongly disliked story and character-wise, but also being reminded how fuckin SICK the main boss/large enemy theme is youtu.be/T_YvTi3ljg4

couple questions
1. what was columns getting revenge for
2. what form did this vengeance take

UPDATE: it was because i didn't give my VM enough memory, which is fair

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