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never posted this when it dropped but i published this with my co-founder back in march, we may or may not have an announcement coming real soon so now's a good time to read it if you didn't before

why did pantone stick a paywall in front of the color converter. bullshit

(we tried that very early on and it became clear immediately that it really isn't supported, as much as they like to pretend it is, and doing anything real requires comical amounts of overengineering)

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if you answer with something along the lines of "react server-side rendering :)" i will fist fight you in a parking lot

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specifically banging my head against a wall rn b/c handlebars, which is been Fine But Not Great this whole time seems to be broken in prettier if you use partials. which we do. because why the fuck would you not. consistent code formatting is a must so what the fuck

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hi! question for everyone: what the fuck are you supposed to even use for serverside express templates at this point? everything seems Bad in different ways

damn just heard some spoilers for the dune movie πŸ˜” found out paul atreides dies of ligma πŸ˜”

anyway if you’ve ever wondered the secret to getting a four letter username, the answer is simple: construct a time machine

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anyway camera helicopter today is N32HX and it is visible on flight radar

really excited to see the ratings for this one

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this is a rly exciting race so far, which fuckin rules. the US GP, the race being aired on broadcast TV, being a boring race would not be great for the sport

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is this how europeans get to feel all the time. jealous

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i’ll tell you i fucking love to watch an F1 race at 3pm

this is the first one that’s been on Real TV and not ESPN2, the rebroadcast at 8:30pm is even on normal ESPN and not ESPN2. you love to see it

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race is at 3pm EDT / 12pm PDT on your local ABC affiliate. broadcast starts at 1:30pm. it’s in Texas today. come watch some cars

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F1 race today having the US broadcast start a full hour and a half early + airing on network tv fuckin rules

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