gimel- full success
hey & shin - mixed success
nun - failure

using a dreidel in all PBTA games b/c i am a clown

for personal reasons i will be rewatching the kingdom hearts re:mind trailer


anything we both fav is now company policy, that's how this works, it is an endless nightmare and we are governed almost exclusively by dril tweets

my opinions ARE my employer's, especially if my cofounder faved the tweet b/c then we are In Alignment

also it's my weekend rn, this is what i do when i'm not working

we're not hiring, don't come work for me, i can't afford to pay you

as a Serial Startup Founder, i'd like to state my take on the Away discourse, which is that steph korey is a fucking idiot and an abusive boss, and anyone defending her is also a fucking idiot and likely also an abusive boss

we don’t have a mail room so whenever a carrier says β€œyeah it’s in the mail room” that means i’ve been assigned a scavenger hunt. my first clue: this blurry photo of someone’s feet

(this computer was built by someone else, my wife did not put thermal paste under the CPU)

me, on my private twitter: yeah so somehow my wife’s computer had thermal paste under the CPU
everyone, simultaneously:

it's fun when windows blue screens but never actually writes a minidump so you have to guess based on the stop code and nothing else what the problem might be

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