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never posted this when it dropped but i published this with my co-founder back in march, we may or may not have an announcement coming real soon so now's a good time to read it if you didn't before

since we're down to just over a month until goes read-only, i am realizing i should _probably_ switch over to a different instance.

i realize this question might be kicking the hornet's nest somewhat but: do any of y'all have recommendations

we've made some changes to how cohost serves opengraph scrapers, so i'm posting a link to a post i like to test it. some good andor fanart.

i say β€œslowly” but what i mean is β€œa few thousand a day as we can” the queue just keeps getting Bigger

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we’re still slowly working through the queue but if we’re friends, or mutuals, or i follow you, and you’re still waiting on cohost activation, dm me

would say more but i'm currently busy trying to keep cohost online

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you already know where to find me. bye lol

anyway since we're all talking about twitter potentially collapsing let me say. i have been on this god damned website since october 26 2006. that is over half my life. i will be sad to see it go but i will not mourn its demise. i will finally be free.

hi sorry that cohost performance is so bad right now. big fix in the deploy pipe that should Hopefully help things. only time will tell how much


published my first vrchat world :) it's a port of the classic counter-strike source map mds-bestbuy. Lots To Do but i'm happy about where it's at right now!

doesn't need to be a daily driver, just needs to be Good Enough that i can access my local cohost install from it without going insane

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people who actually know about the android ecosystem: the phone i've been using as a sort of dev device is no longer working, despite being not that old and from a Good Brand (despite this, never got any updates because of course it didn't). what should i get as a new dev device

this is getting RT'd outside my circle which means i have to self-promote now sorry. come to you can post as much titty as you want (as long as you check the "adult content" box so we don't accidentally show it to minors)

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every time tumblr feels like they might be Making Good Decisions again they step directly on the world's most obvious rake in a way that makes you question if all their good decision making was an accident.

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just absolutely hilarious for me to watch. like why even add the checkbox if it's still not allowed. unbelievably mixed messages.

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ok sorry to shit talk my Competitors or whatever but man it is so fucking funny to me that tumblr announced Sensitive Content filtering, implied they were allowing porn again, had staff members post as if they _were_ allowing porn, all while continuing to ban porn.

our time in the limelight is over πŸ˜” everyone's leaving cohost to use splatoon posting πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜” it's been fun y'all idk how we could beat nintendo

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> Imagine somebody created a new, better social media service from scratch. No doomscrolling. No toxicity. No discourse. ... Imagine what this service would look like.

damn..... could such a place really exist? someone should make one of those.

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