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The instant I read that golden selenite is UV-reactive, I ran to test mine out!!

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@lrhodes 😆 eventually I’ll migrate my account to an instance that makes sense—something self-hosted, I always thought—so that’s still my “primary” and this account is still “digital humanities” :)

@lrhodes dear lord no! I imported my “following” list from to help federate the new instance, and when people started following back I turned green

@lrhodes both (I’m using both old accounts *and* we set up a new instance)

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I’m still excited about the Playdate launch and when my game Sasquatchers becomes available and people can see this joke which was accidentally created by the random title generator and was also funnier and more clever than anything than I could’ve come up with intentionally.

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People were waiting for an excuse, and they finally got one

@HTHR (Sorry for not putting the content note on that—I didn't want my reply to pop into my own two followers' feeds and it seems like the label does that. Wait, is that how "unlisted" works?? Siiiiiigh, whoops)

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it's hard to pinpoint my favorite thing about Garfield for Atari 2600 but one of them is how when u get a game over the title screen starts glitching out

@HTHR it's a really, really good depiction of that and its aftereffect, developmental trauma -- which just means "skipping the phase most other kids got to have, where they learned effective coping skills"

@gatewave so I guess I'm maligning the version that aired on ABC, which... the creators did, too, so.

@gatewave in interviews the creators talked about ABC/Disney really limiting what they could do. Once ABC ditched the show, the Canadian production, which aired on YTV, started experimenting with longer, almost "superhero" story arcs. I've never seen those episodes but am aware of them. There are NEW-new episodes (2018) on YTV/Netflix.

my spouse and I are rewatching season 1 of Reboot. This was my favorite TV show as a kid. I'm so bored

I just installed Everything so's I can find files on my PC faster, and it is "everything" I'd hoped and more

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I just mortified a teen at the grocery store by telling them I like their Yuri on ice outfit

petition for a re-release of Clubhouse Games, the greatest DS game ever made

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