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my spouse and I are rewatching season 1 of Reboot. This was my favorite TV show as a kid. I'm so bored

@jennatar i thought the visuals were gaudy trash back then and never watched it, but then in the 2000s i heard "it had a really great story!"


@gatewave in interviews the creators talked about ABC/Disney really limiting what they could do. Once ABC ditched the show, the Canadian production, which aired on YTV, started experimenting with longer, almost "superhero" story arcs. I've never seen those episodes but am aware of them. There are NEW-new episodes (2018) on YTV/Netflix.

@gatewave so I guess I'm maligning the version that aired on ABC, which... the creators did, too, so.

@jennatar ah, had no idea. a rich tapestry.

...but dose gfx :o

@jennatar i wouldn't watch transformers beast wars either. it now occupies a similar spot of respect in the tf fandom fwiw

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