It’s me. I am the anti crypto people following them everywhere. Toot toot

Dear god if you have to reply to this with crypto takes please untag me I have less than zero interest thank you. Toot toot

@jenkshields Are you against cryptocurrency or just proof of work?

@jenkshields to be fair, there should also be like 5 more crypto people behind the anti-crypto people, and they have huge tubas instead of trumpets, and they also have dogs frothing at the mouth.

Imagine never hearing about nft except in the context of netfilter.

@jenkshields this is propaganda from the rightwing nutters... Post truth techshit.

You know it's funny for like 30 seconds, but actually a pretty sad fact that peoples' savings is getting burned up.

Meanwhile a bunch of people are running around saying "buy my crap", a few of them will be right, most will make you to lose your money, some are intentionally scamming.

Then there's the anti-crypto crew grouping all of them together and ignoring the fact that inflation is wiping people out.

There's just no working "instructions for life" anymore.

@fluffy @jenkshields
It's sort of a fair point, things have never been that reliable. But at least for the boomer generation, "work hard, go to college, invest in the stock market" was not a horrible plan. These days it unfortunately kind of is.

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