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It's mentioned at the bottom of this post but I'll mention it here too: I wanna do a whole lot more music writing as well! If you've got stuff going on i wanna know about it! I wanna do more album reviews and features and interviews! Let me help w yr promo!

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You what's also a 2019 Jen mood? Coming out as an ace lesbian, again

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I'm finally watching game of thrones after trying to watch it when it first came out but back then I was a depressed unmedicated teenager and I just kept falling asleep during every episode. Now I'm really enjoying it and it's v emotional

Thinking about a video in the style of those bad film crit posts but for ffxiv like “during the titan fight, part of the ground lights up. This is a subtle nod to the fact that players shouldn’t stand in that spot”

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Hi pals I'm back, it's been A Month, let's not talk about it

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(ofc it's always important to be aware of how much harder twoc have it and the danger they're in, but this particular stat is really insidious and as far as people can tell, not based in fact)

Seeing the 35 year trans life expectancy stat going around bc of today - here's a good short thread on trying to source this myth (bc that's what it is, a myth passed around without citation that causes fear)

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