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It's mentioned at the bottom of this post but I'll mention it here too: I wanna do a whole lot more music writing as well! If you've got stuff going on i wanna know about it! I wanna do more album reviews and features and interviews! Let me help w yr promo!

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You what's also a 2019 Jen mood? Coming out as an ace lesbian, again

I would absolutely be one of those people who take their cats everywhere if I could, I'm v bad at time away from them

I'm off up north until Sunday tomorrow and kahlo Knows and is snuggled up spooning and purring, I'm so

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The bouncer squints skeptically at the ID. "This really you?" he asks, half-jokingly.

"Well, no, it's not," Magritte says, "it's a representation of--"

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Spoke at the Ōtautahi Take Back the Night this weekend - was a small but dedicated crew, and the walk through the city was gorgeous. The golden Canterbury light at sunset on the shifting city is lovely.

#art #photography #a6000
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Remember when it was the '00s and "burning CDs" was a thing and you sometimes needed third-party software for that and one of them was called "Nero Burning ROM"

I literally *just* got that pun

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black denim crop jacket: $35
pin with two women holding hands: $2
jar of pink hair dye: $8
Mastodon client: $3
walking directly into a doorframe while thinking about girls, stubbing your toe so hard you need the first aid kit: priceless

some things money can buy. for everything else, there's Lesbian Disastercard®.

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Hey check out this fucking awesome tarot deck i just got!

Next World Tarot by Cristy C. Road

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This was one of my fave songs, a good period before I came out or even realised... Stares directly into camera

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Some words of encouragement for your day. image apparently from Dungeon Crawl Classics, Doug Kovacs.

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gathering warmth from fond memories and heavy blankets and small glowing stones that hum softly when I look at them for too long

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I was randomly looking over at my boss’ desk while looking for something else and apparently he has a 3D printed gardena garden hose to hdmi adapter…

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they're finally here, performing for you
the kong orchestra and conductor too
listen silently, reflect on your faults
as we take you through this Monkey Waltz

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I, too, use mathematics to analyse and describe other people's feelings about social phenomena leading to minimising struggles of oppressed groups. I do this because I am a reasonable and logical person. Clearly you are not.

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this is the greatest post in the history of mastodon. i have spent hours, days, weeks, months, entire years perfecting the dark arts i feel like those efforts are in vain because none of them could possibly as amazingly cursed as this post

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Hey fellow tooters, do you know any people around here interested in these topics? I’d love to chat about them, I don’t know who to follow!

- music composition
- electronic music, chiptune
- VJing, live digital performances
- indie video games
- demoscene
- hardware hack (softcore cpus, gpus…)
- programming language design
- operating system design
- drawing, painting
- crafts (woodworking, sewing…)

I probably forgot some of my interests there, but it’s a start!

Boost is appreciated. :3

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