Could they have fixed jp2 if Sam Neill was in it? Almost definitely

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Jurassic Park two was a real hot mess, but I'm 20 minutes into the third and it's even better than I remembered!

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Honestly just watch Ted Lasso. Even if you don't think you'll like it watch two episodes and see

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This show might actually be my most favourite? My other contenders like parks & rec are real high up there but also got there through seven seasons and this has done so much in not even two yet

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Honestly Ted Lasso is so good that even its difficult and different episodes are still uplifting and healing. That had so many moments and it was a masterpiece

Rewatching Jurassic Park and tbh Jeff Goldblum is really underrated in this. I used to think his character was a bit of a dick but the case he makes over dinner at the start is really one about colonisation

Hanging out and streaming some atomicrops for an hour or so! Come join me?

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This game was very cute so I'm playing it again! Let's build a farm! In space!

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Hi hi hi! I'm checking out Starbound over on switch (and figuring out controller remapping on the fly wheeeee!)

I got a mic! And captions! Come chill!

Look, I'm a simple woman. I see a cute girl, I love.

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Boyfriend dungeon is very cute and more fun than I expected EXCEPT as soon as I met Valeria no one else was interesting ever again

That was /so/ beyond good that I'm considering throwing my weekly budget to the wind and buying the replicant remake right this second

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This might be my lockdown emotions but I finally finished nier automata and: help

Ted Lasso is honestly the best tv being made at the moment and having to wait a week for each episode is so hard but it makes it even better

Playing more atomicrops - now with captions! Come have a chill time

Here's a thing I really don't like - websites that automatically open their respective apps (especially on a tablet) when the app doesn't have the functionality the website does 😡

It's been a while, but I'm playing some atomicrops on stream! Just cleared year 5 and I feel like I'm on a roll


Oof, going from three days travel right into level four is like. What is time

jennifer k relayed
Off on another trip today - this time to the West Coast, to spend a few days meeting with local support workers and community organisations to start pulling together a local rainbow network and see how we can best help the local rainbow community.
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