Looking forward to the stress relief of four+ hours of straight tattooing

oh sick there's a new milk album out next month

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The Micro :pixelfed: UI is about 60% done!

Wouldn't it be awesome if this launched with federation on December 17th? #pixelfed

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"minty i'm sick of white people sci-fi"

this is a lead in to my intro to afrofuturism, it's very simple. anyways:

My Soul to Keep: Tanarive Due, about a woman who's married to a millennia old immortal black man

The Prey of Gods: Nicky Drayden, about a demigoddess who feeds on fear in South Africa

An Unkindness of Ghosts: Rivers Solomon, about a self-taught neurodiverse healer on a spaceship looking for a new home

Galaxy Game: Karen Lord, about a black boy with super-powers

This line in particular is like... Revalatory to me rn... There are always other opportunities actually

This interview with mitski is so good...

"Just learning to say no to opportunities when everyone’s telling you this is your only chance, because I realized everyone says everything is your only chance."


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gonna start calling your assigned gender your "baby gender" bc it falls out when u get older like ur baby teeth

It's how he expresses affection and comfort and safety like oh my god what a darling

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Hi if you like comics, gays, and androids you might like circuits and veins and basically just please read this bc the latest update omg 😍😭 webtoons.com/en/challenge/circ

Patiently waiting for ghost to add activitypub... It'll happen i think

Oh my god I can't believe kh3 is next month... I need to buy a ps...4?

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fucking ambushed by a my chemical romance music video on my fb feed and now here I am watching every single related video

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