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Also my primary gmail has been leaked a bunch apparently, according to HIBP. But it's not like i can just nuke that Google account. Hmpf.

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After I set up all my domains with dmarc I'm (naturally) getting those dmarc reports. It's been weeks since I actually opened one of these though and I'm not sure what even to do with them except going "yeah someone is apparently trying to send mail via through my domain but I don't know how to make them stop and can't even tell of they're properly rejected" and I kind of don't want to deal with e-mail on an infrastructure level ever, anyway.

I just wanted to try out caddy as an nginx-replacement (not that I had any reason), then I accidentally stumbled into CSPolicy header hell and now I'm fixing an old project, primarily because it embedded a licenseing-image from

I've been cleaning my desk for over an hour, including filing too many loose documents I'm willing to count, and now I'm pretty much all for being disowned and living in a sheds in the woods. Civilization is just too annoying.

Shell customization wouldn't be /that/ much of an annoyance if I didn't use various OSs with differing behavior (macOS, Ubuntu, Raspbian, FreeBSD). Some of them are fine. Some are different than the others.

Let's be honest, it's FreeBSD. Everything is kind of different on FreeBSD. It start's with the lack of homebrew and ends with "something something no glibc but something different and that's why your powerline fonts don't work even though your terminal supports it"

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Shell customization rabbit hole status: LS_COLORS 😫

FUN Gender Reveal Party Ideas!!!
Get a special candle! If the smoke is pink, it’s a girl. If the smoke is blue, it’s a boy! If the smoke is white, your baby has been ordained Pope.

(some bonus "zfg playing oot randomizer in the background" flair)

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A few months ago I bough 2 or 3 power extension cords, because I remembered needing some and not having any. Today I was looking for power extension cords. I did not find any of the ones I bought.

I've become a joke.

Slowly catching up on the oldest parts of my anime watchlist: NGE

Is anyone else using my fork with some additional themes at

By now the original pinafore has enough themes I'm happy with that it's not really worth the hassle of maintaining and updating a fork (which I'm bad at due to little experience and admittedly low motivation). If nobody else uses my fork I'll stop hosting it tomorrow. If anyone is using it, I'll still stop hosting it tomorrow, but I'll be apologetic about it.

me: working from home gives me the opportunity to focus on tasks free from the the distractions of a noisy office!









me: cool never mind

I think I got a drop of water into my phone's speaker and now I can't listen to podcasts while in the bathroom anymore because it sounds like a transmission from the 30's 🙃

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