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m m m m morty. morty I turned myself into a speedrunning marathon to support charity. morty I'm games done quiiiiiiiiiiiick!

Theorem: There exists a polygon whose sides are all 90 degrees, and has side lengths that differ.

Proof: ∎

Hey guys it's time for GDQ again, or as I'd like to call it: Sleep cycle randomizer.

Strawman: Tarot isn't real!

me: but people seem to get something out of it?

Strawman: it's a self-fulfilling prophecy! it's only real because they make it real themselves!

me: still sounds real, though. plus, they're having fun!

Strawman: you've convinced me, thanks. also i pooped my pants while you were talking, my bad.

me, looking directly at the reader: i will not pretend to understand everything you do, but i love you very much

People in my timeline talking about drama and talking about talking about drama, and here I am, obsessing over ideosyncrasies of 20 year old game box art.

Also, adult Link is standing in front of the closed door of time. Wat.

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The German box art of Ocarina of Time shows a screenshot of child link with master sword on B:

As a kid this haunted me. I really *really* wanted to figure out how that was possible, assuming that I just hadn't figured something out yet.

With chilie cheese nuggest in the shower now.

You can have for 20 USD and I'm spending way too much time looking at shitty domains for shitty jokes again.

To whomst've'd it may concern: the domain costs ~30 USD and is available.

Doing grocery shopping on New year's Eve around 1.30 pm, 30mins before the shops close for the year. This is the only war zone I'll ever want to see from the inside.

Tho whom it may concern: It was fun. Ant-man remains my second-favorite MCU protagonist after spider-man, even if I had a buffer account. Props to them for making it so fucking cold outside today, I TRUSTED YOU YOU TWAT

People show off their "new avi" and I'm like "but it's an image"

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It took me quite some time to realize that apparently "avi" can also refer to "avatar" instead of the video container format of ye olden days.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch 

To whomst've'd it may concern: It was the joke, I knew that, hmhm.

sometimes i really wish i had siblings so i could be the cool queer stoner commie aunt

I'm actually enjoying Venom more than I expected. Maybe it's just that I love Tom Hardy though.

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