@iliana So this is what dolphin.town was leading up to all along. Neat.

Ozzy Osborne: *bites bat's head off and makes scary face*

Me: *bites chocolate Santa's head off and smiles*

when someone tells me they're glad that smear frames don't exist anymore

So I had my sleep cycle back in the acceptable range and then I started watching The Office and I can't impulse control so good so now it's 1.30 am again and I gotta get up around 9 so that's cool.

@thekinrar Just use "fuck" a lot, you'll get the sentiment across.

@iitalics That's what I meant by the moving bit, I grew up in a rural area where public transit is for school children and people who lost their driver's license, sooo yeah. Can relate.

@iitalics ever since I moved to a city where public transit is normal, I've been having this amxiety.

It's been 7 years. It never stops.

:drake_dislike: mastodon popularity list
:drake_like: that first time we all posted how many times we liked each others toots and realized we were all equally obsessed with each other

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Why are people talking about Eugen, is it about Gargron Eugen? Did he jump the shark? I hope not, I like him I think :(

"Gucci" is a slang term meaning good to go, just fine, doing alright. It derives from two roots, "Grinch" and "Coochie"

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