On the plus side, I'm pretty close to finishing university so that's nice.

In only a few short months I have forgotten how anything here works 🙃

When a Mastodon user who has been quiet for a long time starts posting again

my utility company has some strong feelings about farting around other people

(The git thingy can pull a repo, execute random commands post pull like "pwd" and "whoami" or other scripts, but it's specifically hugo that just won't run and it's driving me mad because I've been trying to fix this of and on for quite some time)

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I wanted to use Caddy and its git plugin to auto-deploy my hugo site but nope, something about fork/exec permission denied or just plain old systemd exit and idunno it only cost me another hour 🙃

@fireantprincess Huh? Ich sollte eigentlich beides haben, also die regulären Filme unter Movies und die Miniseries unter tvshows o_O

What We Do in the Shadows is worth it just for gems like "Jeff, a name that sounds like a weak ejaculation"

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