@fireantprincess Huh? Ich sollte eigentlich beides haben, also die regulären Filme unter Movies und die Miniseries unter tvshows o_O

What We Do in the Shadows is worth it just for gems like "Jeff, a name that sounds like a weak ejaculation"

Welp, catching up on the Attack on Titan manga and it managed to do it. It broke my heart.
(Far ahead of the current anime plot, so no immediate spoilers I guess)

@halcy reminds me of "Sifftwitter", which is probably more chill than whatever the other Twitter is like.

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@paullemmens I haven't tried any bookdown customization yet, but keep in mind that bookdown uses gitbook as HTML output, so you probably need to use a modified gitbook template with the approrpiate CSS and JS includes. You might even get away with in_header and after_body includes – as far as I remember gitbook inherits those options from rmarkdown::html_document: bookdown.org/yihui/rmarkdown/h

@paullemmens Are you referring to this post? blog.jemu.name/2017/07/i-just- – that's blogdown and _not_ bookdown, which works differently on the HTML side.

You'll need to put the CSS and JS includes in your theme, for my hugo theme the stuff is in the foot and head folders here: github.com/jemus42/hugo-redlou – point being: you (probably) can't just put it in the markdown of a post, you'll need to add it to the HTML template.

Holy shit it happened. A guy with a pickle Rick tattoo. I saw one. The legends were true.

When you chromecast stuff from youtube, you can queue up videos but not rearrange their order after the fact, and it's driving me insane.

I like how I got a new/bigger TV and now I'm watching Blackadder on it. You know. 568 pixels high. Because 4k.

@gargron I tend to delete "We miss you" mails out of spite, because I get a creepy "company trying to be my pal" feel from it, so I'd like to veto that (yes, not a company, I know, but you get the idea)

Apparently I'm a level 6 local guide now. I wonder when I'll get my magic powers.

Also, I think I'd like to go full minimalist purely for the benefit of having less stuff to accumulate dust in between. Also everything is made out of something I can just power wash every other month with a large drain in the center of every room.

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