mickey thomas:
we built this city on rock and roll.

building safety inspector:
*clicks pen* hmmm.

Is there a "$noun is stored in the $noun_plural" bot yet?


[ME]: *reading to class* "--and then the hungry, hungry caterpillar got called out for the gluttonous, bourgeois fuck that he was--"

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@hanny Let's be honest hanny, whenever people compliment you you misconstrue their compliments to make yourself look bad. If the situation you mention actually came to be, you would explode due to the paradox.

Which, coincidentally, is something I really like about you.
Take that.

If you want to see if you can guess a song's genre by its title, you can play this little game here: shiny.tadaa-data.de/genre_game

@spookcentral classic. Leave open any modern webapp disguised as a native app and at some point it will just have devoured all your resources for no reason anyone understands who hasn't drunk the Kool aid and also a mild concussion :/

What is an element of what set? Come on guys you can't just use set operators and leave me hangin!

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if you aren't committing time theft to send your girlfriend lewds from work on valentines day are you even a fuckign leftist

@pbandkate Not to be that guy but *maybe* you might ask an ear doctor because *sometimes rarely* something *might* be off about your inner ear stuff.

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I wanted to watch a movie this evening but I'm still watching the youtube "videos from my subbox I wanna watch"-queue I started when I got home… about 2 hours ago. Hm.

@citrustwee Sites? Or software? Because as far as I can tell every academic I know relies on mendely, zotero & else to get it right :D
But sure enough, double checking is legit

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