That awkward moment when you need to show the media for the geometric distribution for an arbitrary probability and then you're done after a bazillion steps but you realize you're literally off by 1

So… are you going to let me define ignore patterns for sync? Just let me ignore .git folders ffs

Digging into the ridiculous amounts of blocked DNS requests from my Android phone. Anyone have an idea how I can figure out which apps are responsible?

I'll visith the psyschology+pohysics department's party for a short while I said, it's only 10pm I said,

Seriously, how am I supposed to transport this surface tension boi?

More fun with pi-hole data:
wtf, what have my devices been trying to do last night?
A bunch of periodic requests, mostly blocked b/c ads/trackers.

Not sure what's happening here hat 37Hz but it's driving me kinda crazy.

Of all the upstream DNS locations, what's the difference between all the different's oO

My pi-hole has nuked almost a quarter of all DNS queries from my devices and that's kind of scary.

Thought: Oh yeah once I'm done with my thesis I can catch up with all the anime and TV shows I've been holding off on, that's gonna be neat


Of course I can't upgrade to Mojave without having to nuke and recreate one of my time machine backups 🙄
Haven't plugged in the other one yet, but oh well, I'll see.

Trying out Setapp. Not a lot of applications I'm interested in (that I don't already own, like Dropzone or Bartender), but there are a few nice things there I wouldn't usually buy, like Expressions. (I wouldn't buy it because regex101 and regexr are glorious websites)

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