I have multiple domains at, but I'm not happy with their mail addon thingy. Can anyone recommend a mailhoster where I can point my domains and set up simple redirects? I don't need mailspace or separate inboxes or anything, just redirects.

@jemus42 they have a mail addon thingy? I've been thinking to replace my uberspace for a while...

@l3viathan yeah, cheap mailspace with arbitrary redirects and catch-all. However, I've noticed redirects being much slower than directly sending to my @gmail address. Also, I need a mail redirect for a subdomain, which doesn't appear to be possible.

@jemus42 is that a seperate option I have to book, under hosting, or is paying for my domains there enough?

@jemus42 has much more than you asked for but their free plan will do all that.

@bread sounds really good. What's the catch? Is it insecure? Maintained by fascists? Unbearably slow? There's gotta be some drawback, right?

@jemus42 I did have problems in the past with a ten minute delay on receiving some emails but they seem to have fixed that. My personal domain has been hosted with them for over a year with no issues.

@jemus42 @bread the free plan is limited to one domain. I guess I could just make a couple of accounts...

@l3viathan I don't mind paying a bit for reliable mail stuff. It's a shitty technology, but critical infrastructure nonetheless ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@jemus42 Unlimited domains at no extra cost, provided you're on a paid plan

@l3viathan but… I just added a second domain and so far I haven't needed to pay.

@l3viathan anyway, I just upgraded to the mini plan, because of the things I already mentioned ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ $4/mo seems more than fair.

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