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If you like pinafore but would like darker dark themes, here's your periodic reminder that I have a few at for you to try out.

What is an element of what set? Come on guys you can't just use set operators and leave me hangin!

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if you aren't committing time theft to send your girlfriend lewds from work on valentines day are you even a fuckign leftist

I wanted to watch a movie this evening but I'm still watching the youtube "videos from my subbox I wanna watch"-queue I started when I got home… about 2 hours ago. Hm.

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BREAKING: Free Speech Extremist Shocked to Learn that First Amendment Doesn't Require People to Listen to Him

guys i got a hot date tonight
*is holding a lighter to a fruit*

In case someone cares: The "Terror in Resonance" soundtrack is exorbitantly beautiful if you're into that kinda thing:

Welcome to the bunghole
We got Kevin James.
We got everything you want
As long as it's Kevin James.
We've got 'Paul Blart the Mall Cop,'
'Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2,'
We have the first 'Grown Ups,'
As well as 'Grown Ups 2!'
In the bunghole
Welcome to the bunghole!
Get on your

Bu bu bu bu bu bu butt butt butt

Sometimes I can't tell if it's a hip new acronym or just keyboard smashing for emphasis or lolz and by sometimes I mean ever since I started following some particular people

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