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If you like pinafore but would like darker dark themes, here's your periodic reminder that I have a few at for you to try out.

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/ >💀 You knew him well?

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💀< \ Name five of his best jests.

lmao spotify removed support like a month ago without a word, cool, good, glad to have not been notified

Thinking about making straight porn as a bit

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My timeline is full of shitposts and I think social media has finally reached it's true potential

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Boosting your own jokes after less than a day is a very special kind of masturbation I never really got into.

a/s/l? stands for ass/spleen/lips? it is used online to ensure that the person you are having 'e-sex' with has the three most sexy body parts.

an english tradition involves rolling a wheel of cheese down a hill, while the townspeople race to get in front of the cheese in the hope that it will crush them, preventing them from having to continue living in england

boost if you also get shy around tall and lovely ladies, even if they are made of soap :sparkles_blue: :so_gay: :sparkles_blue:

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