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If you like pinafore but would like darker dark themes, here's your periodic reminder that I have a few at for you to try out.

Someone on the end credits of e01 was credited as "asshole". That's new.

I've only seen the first Purge movie and now I'm starting the TV show. I wonder how much important lore I'm missing out on.


TFW you're deeply involved in a project and you look up and lunch time is already past.

TIL wide monospace characters work in hashtags apparently

New college courses by a neural net trained on the @UCSanDiego course catalog. I would at least read the syllabus for some of these.

Today in #mathematics news: Sir Michael Atiyah will apparently be presenting a proof of the Riemann hypothesis on Monday.

Conference website, no details:

Shared on :birdsite:

@jemus42 I've found isn't bad. It takes a little bit of editing at the end if it is a complex document and you wan the formatting consistent. I've not checked if the links still work though.

It turns out converting a LaTeX file to .docx so my reviewer can use it for review/editing (don't ask) is pretty hard, especially if you want tables and cross-references to render. I've tried pandoc, which can to citations but can't do tables. I've tried LaTeX2HTML, which chokes on pretty much everything. I've tried TEX4ht, which can't deal with biblatex. latex2rtf also chokes on all kinds of things.

I also have it on overleaf, but that's no good when reviewing on a plane apparently.

TIl spectrum and speedrun can look pretty similar when the keming strikes.

LED Printers: The Common Printing Tech You Haven't Heard Of - YouTube

(Love this channel for tech explanations)

I don't always clap in front of my laptop screen like a doofus, but when I do, it's because there's a damn tiny fly that's annoying me to no end.

The new FreeNAS UI/dashboard is great, apparently it reduced the CPU load down to 0%!

Reading online news, 2008:
- go to website
- read news

Reading online news, 2018:
- go to website
- no, don’t share location
- hell no, don’t send me notifications
- consent to cookie warning
- consent to policies
- no, don’t open in app
- no, don’t want the newsletter
- skip inspirational quote
- close full page ad
- read news

I hope Linus Torvalds taking a break and going to therapy will have a huge impact on people who are opposed to Code of Conducts and who think that being vile and terrible to other human beings will improve the quality of these person's contributions. There's hope.

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