Is anyone else using my fork with some additional themes at

By now the original pinafore has enough themes I'm happy with that it's not really worth the hassle of maintaining and updating a fork (which I'm bad at due to little experience and admittedly low motivation). If nobody else uses my fork I'll stop hosting it tomorrow. If anyone is using it, I'll still stop hosting it tomorrow, but I'll be apologetic about it.

me: working from home gives me the opportunity to focus on tasks free from the the distractions of a noisy office!









me: cool never mind

I think I got a drop of water into my phone's speaker and now I can't listen to podcasts while in the bathroom anymore because it sounds like a transmission from the 30's 🙃

I think being in a chatroom for a live stream is one of the circles of hell.

Oh boy, thefuck is great. It even fixes $PATH issues for when you need to sudo stuff but you're using a linuxbrew'd editor

Visiting my grandma, I'd like to remind everyone to never get old. It ain't worth it.

Turns out one of my oldest friends is doing singer/songwriter stuff and it's pretty damn good. If you're into that, I'd appreciate a little boosting

Half baked joke idea:

- Geman proverb "Geteiltes Leid ist halbes Leid"
- Translate "Leid" with "pain"
- Use the homonym "pain" & "pane"
- Something about tmux and or iTerm2 window pane splitting.

You can now assemble the joke yourself

I quit my nativefier'd pinafore for the day because it was using >30% CPU and opened whalebird again, and now whalebird is using >30% CPU.

Thefuck is going on here.
Is microblogging really that hard or is it just that I already forgot just how fucking terrible electron is >.>

Can we get a native macOS client now? Please? Anyone?

I'm against using machine learning for classification because I think everything a machine has learned should be de-classified.

I can't get the iterm2 shell integration to also install the utilities when SSH'd into my FreeBSD box. Do I really have to manage thos separately? ಠ_ಠ

After years of using iTerm2 (because "better"), I finally started looking into the shell integration and tmux mode.


Watched Into the Spider-Verse, really liked it, browsed Wikipedia trying to get a sense of the context, and holy shit catching up on a bazillion iterations and decades of continuity is hell.

Gotta stick with the movie stuff then.

"converting irrational numbers to integers"

This is my favorite dumb techno-babble now. (The netflix godzilla thing)

Am I extremely overengineering the "I wonder why my zsh startup is .9s slower on my linux VPSs than on my local machine" question?

Yes, yes I am.
Having fun though.

I'm trying to find the possible issue in my .zshrc (yep, not doing the fish thing yet) which causes ~1s startup time on my linux VPS compared to my local ~0.1s startup time. After some digging and benchmarking, I've come to the conclusion that possibly my VPS ist just slower.

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