Getting older means that the artists in your iTunes library slowly end up dead.

Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Green Tea is too good for this world.

Die Hard is a Christmas movie.


Ghostbusters II is a New Year’s movie.

Heard in the kitchen: “SO MUCH GLITTERRRRRR!”

Me: [lights the nearest curtain on fire]

Christmas in Hollis is the best Christmas song. Fight me.

2020 resolution: never look up a recipe on the internet.

Online recipes are a cesspool of pointless family stories and people begging for you to sign up for their newsletter so they can tell you pointless family stories.

By the time I’m 57, everything I say will be a reference to a pop culture property. 96% of those references will be to the first 8 seasons of the Simpsons.

Music my kids have played in the HomePod this morning: Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, Karate and Starlight by Babymetal.

If you want a sure fire way to make sure you never get phone calls on your iPhone, enable WiFi calling. Everything goes straight to voicemail. The phone never rings.

Jeff relayed

Mast is a nice app, but that price is too much (for me—I barely use Mastodon, so it’s hard to justify), everything is an upsell now, and it seems buggy. If you come for my wallet, you best not miss. This was a miss.

Traffic westbound on I-70 outside Kansas City was horrible. Half of a double-wide trailer home blew off the semi carrying it. The entire freeway was shuttered. Luckily, we were headed east.

When I retire, I’m gonna open a museum of internet products. Stuffed toys and coffee mugs and enamel pins made to promote comics and apps, spread memes. It’ll double as a gift shop.

Sometimes white noise machines make the world livable. I dig a good white noise machine.

I’m somewhere on the plains in Kansas right now, and nature is providing ample white noise. The wind is incredible (and I say that as someone who’s been outside during a Texas hurricane).

Heading home from our vacation. Gotta find some way to integrate back into normal life now. Gonna be tough.

While in Colorado, I managed to find beer from two of my favorite tiny breweries in Portland, which is pretty fantastic. Never thought I’d have beer from those places again.

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