Anyhoo, I’m out. I think we should all follow Wil’s lead. Stop using social media. Delete our accounts. “Walk hand in hand into extinction. One last midnight. Brothers and sisters opting out of a raw deal.”

Unless your community management strategy can scale to 7+ billion users, you’ve already failed. Open social networks will never work the way we want them to, not because it’s too hard of a problem to solve, but because you can’t fix humanity. Folks need to stop coming at this problem with the POV that it’s technology’s fault.

🧐 Huh. It’s almost as if social platforms are ruined by bad people and not bad technology. Weird!

A new gathering place won’t be better if any old asshole can get an account. And yes, that’s because people are the worst and ruin everything.

But. BUT. I then realize that somewhere out there someone thinks I’m a terrible person.


Most of the time, when I’m done browsing various things on the internet, I’m left thinking, “Wow. I’m glad I’m not a terrible person.” That’s...probably not a good sign?

Maybe I’m reading the wrong stuff? Maybe everyone’s just terrible? Maybe I should internet less?

Unrelated to all my other posts this evening: Hollow Knight is fun.

Watched Ocean’s Eight last night and now I miss living in Manhattan.

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I’m mostly just done with the same loud voices drowning everyone out and saying the same stuff over and over.

Now that a bunch of big-name Twitter-famous people are here, I wonder if this place will become nothing more than a glorified Twitter clone instead of a fully independent community where folks can discover new and interesting voices.

Because seriously I’ve had enough of people being all LOOK AT ME! and begging for likes and subscribers.

Yes, but what will Mastodon do to prevent people from wanting to be Mastodon-famous?

so is there like a community-maintained blocklist of malicious instances, so that newly instantiated instances can avoid the trashfires?

So many Twitter folks here all of a sudden.

Mastodon is OVER!

boost if the president/prime minister of your country is a fuckhead

There are 99 entries in ADN Finder at the moment.

* 85% have user names
* 31% have Mastodon user names

One of the best little things about Mastodon is that we’re all in a Federation now so we get like comm badges and colored shirts and shore leave and Holodeck time and earl gray tea.

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