I have 26 GB free on my Mac, but I can’t install Xcode because I don’t have enough free space. The installer is 7.6 GB, which–I guess–could expand to over 26 GB, but also WTF why is it so big?

I misspelled CircleCI and I’m leaving it that way, dammit.

The beta CirclrCI UI is pretty. I dig it. Much faster than the previous version.

I will not be touching any software updates until Catalina ships. 🐜 🐛

Dudes: if you use a non-gendered bathroom, put the goddamned seat down. And FFS learn how to aim.

No one else I know is watching The Boys and I really want to discuss Homelander but no one will get it.

Karl Urban as Wolverine. I’m calling it now.

Patrick Stewart was too good for Star Trek.

Unpopular (US) opinion: you can tell a märzen was done right if you can drink it warm and it’s delicious.

It’s National Beer Lover’s Day! 🎉🍻

If I worked for NOAA, I would quit today.

I received a pre-production Tom Bihn Synik 22 earlier this week.

AMA, I guess?

I’m using NetNewsWire on my Mac and what year is it?

Kid: “Why is this man so mad?”
Me: “Well, kiddo. Settle in for a history lesson.”

Every time we play Rage Against the Machine.

The fact that a grifter is making his bid for the 2020 election tonight at, of all places, the Amway Center, is too delicious to comprehend.

I’m about to spend 9 hours in a train that has free WiFi. Kids are at home. I have no idea what to do.

Tonight our kids are learning that when pizza’s on a bagel you can have pizza anytime.

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