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My timeline is bonkers! Wil Wheaton showed up! What is happening?!

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I believe it was Yoda who said: Do use Mastodon or do not. There is no try.

ADN Finder Update:

* Support for Mastodon!
* Improved search (enter your favorite Mastodon instance URL to see a list of users)
* Wider layout

If you've already listed your account, ping me with your Mastodon user name, and I'll add it to your profile.

Dunno if it’s a fluke or not, but my timeline was busy tonight.

Letting my kids stay up late to watch their first meteor shower. 🖖🏻

I touched a stingray today! They’re slimy.

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Hellooooooo. Anybody out there?

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Computers aren't bad or good, they're just machines. Programs aren't bad or good, they just do what the programmer typed. Programmers are bad.

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Haven’t been here for a while. <dusts off a bar stool>

Starting to see more former folks here. That’s a good sign.

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Anyway, I'm switching to Android soon. What are the recommended Android apps for Mastodon?

No one is talking about politics here and it’s lovely.

Um. Did disappear?