The Avenger crap is almost over and I cannot wait for life to resume to normal.

Welp, it’s that time of the year when Wellbutrin starts giving me crazy anxiety and mania. Time to trade it for something more springtime-y.

Valentina is playing Angel in the live performance of Rent on FOX. Best crossover episode everrrrr???

What’s a good way to advertise your first book? Asking for a friend. 📚

The field is somewhere in-between self-help / empathy / cognition / critical thinking.

What are your favorite nutritional supplements that you couldn’t live without?

Have you had any success in combating whataboutism in political discussions? What do you do?

My best friend is wrapping up his first book! I'm so proud- he's worked his butt off! Anyways, it's all about empathy, heuristics, and using the power of shapes to improve the way that we think. If you want to check it out or reach out to him, feel free to stop by ❤️

What books are your currently reading (and loving)?

Dysautonomia + cold winter weather = one VERY woozy human.

“wake up, sheeple!” i shout at my partner who is a sheep person “you’re late! i made you lunch. now get going! good luck!!”

‘Kidding’ with Jim Carrey is the absolute best. Go watch it.

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