You're telling me a point fixed this theorem?

ok I guess this could theoretically make sense if all access went through some privileged daemon, then you basically have a microkernel architecture

allwinner did not do that

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like what is even the point of kernel drivers then. just have all applications open /dev/mem and go wild

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wow allwinner's "official driver" really just mmap'd the hardware into userspace huh

the thing can DMA to whatever address you give it....

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jade todo: fuck around with sunxi-cedrus driver (the driver for hw video encode/decode on allwinner chips, including pinephone)

looks like nobody has implemented h264 encoding yet, even though it's mostly reverse engineered

maybe my real contribution will be making voice/video rooms actually work without needing to be full mesh (and without needing to run webshit)

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probably not anytime actually soon.

but I will read obsessively about how the protocol works, how webrtc, ice, rtp, etc. work, and what interfaces I'd need to use to get gstreamer to encode/decode webrtc, and hook that into a gtk application (answer: all the hard parts are done, and have gobject bindings, so I can get bindings in haskell or some other nice language)

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hmmm today I will make a matrix client (<- clueless)

I need to make a collection of mathematicians describing their own work as inflicting pain on readers.

I guess, your constructive definition of a != b might contain some information that's needed to construct an inverse. E.g. for power series, it could tell you the first coefficient for which a and b differ, which you'd need to know to constructively define 1/(a-b).

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Ok so apparently one way to solve this is to have an *inequality* relation that explicitly comes with your structure. Then you can make the condition "if a != 0, then a is a unit". And I guess inequality might have a more subtle definition than just the negation of equality...

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saying something like "assuming LEM, the real numbers are a field" just sounds fucking comical to me

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ok so I think my next procrastination sink will be trying to formalize random bits algebraic geometry in HoTT using agda

first time to read a bunch of shit about how algebra even works constructively. like how do I even define "field". if it's like, "all elements are either 0 or invertible", then the real numbers aren't a field, because checking if a number is 0 isn't decidable????

wow I can't believe I ever thought I knew what "equals" meant

what a fool

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I do not understand univalence in the slightest but apparently it means I can stop giving a fuck if things are "only isomorphic" and treat them like they're equal? That sounds cool and is basically how everyone already thinks about math I guess

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oh great finally getting around to reading that HoTT book now that I have other things to procrastinate

I feel like I'm missing a lot of the motivation since I don't know anything about higher homotopy nonsense...

lmao why did I think it was a good idea to put a first name as my username

Ok so I just learned these things are called "capabilities" and lots of systems like this exist, some modern and some from like 1970.

I want to make one...

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vrms sending me a monthly nag via cron that the docs for emacs, gcc, and gdb are non-free is hilarious.

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