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hi! i'm new here. i love anything involving retro tech (computers, videogames, media, etc) and want to learn more about about computers/programming.

i'm not much of a talker but if i follow you, it's probably in the hopes of learning from you through osmosis ^_^

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PSA: moleskines are bullshit btw, they make a big deal but the paper is garbage. for the same price you can get a rhodia with clairefontaine paper that's smooth as silk, or if you like a spiral binding, maruman makes A5s with really beautiful paper that cost like a third of what a moleskine will run you

giving land back to the indigenous tribes of the americas at this point isn't even solely about justice anymore, at this point in time it may very well be the only way to halt the destruction and rehab the planet. the ash snowing down, the orange skies, the unbreathable air from the fires are all further byproducts of settler colonialism intentionally suppressing the knowledge and tactics employed by indigenous folk to keep the land healthy

music hardware is prohibitively expensive. music software is unnecessarily complex. on both ends, good portions of the stack are either stuck in China or stuck in C++ libraries. I think something is wrong with that.

what if the heart of the cards but in like blackjack

why did yugi never go to a casino

It is very important to say 'I don't know' and to practice not knowing. Academia demands that we be experts, and if we stumble at all then we are punished for it. We are not allowed to have partial knowledge or ongoing knowledge.
But that's toxic. It's okay and good to not know things - even things in your own field.
The beauty of it all is that we will never fully know anything. We can only ever learn more.

the computer as a medium is inherently and unavoidably comic. all attempts to use computer in seriousness are grossly misguided. in this essay i will

remember when you could surf the internet? sadly the internet waves are now too fast and too small and have made surfing a thing of the past

Friendly reminder from your neighborhood anarchist: The only reason anyone "needs a job" is because there is a paywall on living.

*tamp tamp*

ah i see you've noticed me tamping down the soft earth

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Hot take: Anything with autosave should allow you to turn it off.

We don't want our documents to get modified if we open it to read it and then accidentally press a key.

[And no, undo is not the solution here.]

if you can't take the heat, stay out of the gender

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