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bumping my internal priority on a Deno desire to top priority, File System Access Handles, the web's low level file system api.

i'd been pining for Deno to start working on Android, but to be honest i probably wouldn't get around to using it. i kind of just wanted some programmable matter to start playing with on the phone, have a connectable space with some small agents running on it.

also in-want with http3 support ofc.

stunned to see native plugins removed; really neat idea to extend the sandbox model/growability of deno.

one of the things i really like about Discovery is that it both isn't serial but it doesn't dwell. it keeps moving, testing itself. it's not all a hit, there's a lot of melodrama, but the drama rarely blows that much past a single episode in scope, or, when it does, it at least is changing & evolving.

i haven't gotten to Picard season 2 yet. Season 1 was alright. haven't tried Strange New Worlds yet.

have you done Lower Decks? that show has far more soul than it should. it feels cheap & thin, turned it off twice, but it starts shallow, but there's really some solid character development & it has more of an arc, more meaning, is more about *people* than Star Trek often is.

really excited to see some upcoming changes to linux scheduling, where more work gets scheduled on fewer cores. power down a bunch of cores, leave a couple cores more packed, but throttled up.

the one gotcha here is that latency for some tasks will go up a little. one of my favorite windows hacks has always been to isolate busy/noisy processes onto a couple cores, and perhaps moving other processes & especially processes i want good interactivity on to anti-affinity for those cores.

Chrome's MV3 finally has some kind of an initial early response/idea up for how to handle UserScript extensions.

i'm having a hard time assessing right now exactly how limiting this is. the store probably still bans "remote code" even if this capability exists, which imo is a great & vast constraint to impose in mv3.

i think i did an ok recapping some of the really hard to work out feelings i have in this hn comment. i don't think this is "evil" but it's hard to recognize how such a radical vast reduction in user-agency was ever considered as passable. this is such an obvious fiasco. don't fuck with your power users! you've taken away >50% of the platform! how did you think that was ok? it's insane. and the timeline shows there's no sense of what real change management takes.

after over a decade of doing nothing at all, i'm not over-expetant or anything, but i do quite like seeing the US Government say, we will try to help free speech. here specifically for Iran, but it's a message unheard at all in a long time, and something I wish we'd kept a slow drumbeat going for.

it's an obvious & simple message providing some technical means for democracy to happen seems like a clear & simple (good-) liberate democratic values we could be espousing, saying we believe in.

i miss the old age of Internet-in-a-Box and Serval. we shouldn't just be shipping Starlink, we should be the vanguards for open-communication. and how weird, because it'd be totally outside the western social media megacorp world by nature; decentralized. if those folks don't want to play in actual democratic values, so be it, let it be written & seen so upon their souls: you do not help.

there's word that Apple's planning an iphone with thunderbolt.

fucking do it. prove us all cowards. make us all look like shits again. go from your shit ass terrible usb2 connection to something better than the lukewarm shit everyone else delivers, the fat load of nothing that has improved not an iota in 10 years.

what a shitfest, phones are. these new computers are just such trash, so uncompetitive it's sick. no one competes, it's all rewarmed last years crap, doing as little new as possible. i have no respect for anyone. apple taking this cup would be a sign of what shit, what absolute useless fuckwittery everyone else is up to.

these rich well-trained assholes with capital all make money on volatility, whichever direction it heads. :(

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worldpol crisis 

this whole planet is about to get very sad, and climate change is going to take a back seat to broadscale socio-economic cannibalism as the pissant fuckwit shithead conservative prats that got us into so many messes & wrecked all the social safety nets become unreasonably popular amid desperate fearmongering times.

consider me part of the silent majority (that happens to also be conjunct internet-er) that has no idea how to express how to freak the fuck out.

my sizable downpayment for a home is in ruins. my timing is shit but wow, the stock market downturn has slaughtered my hopes pretty bad. just comparing versus peak, im near 50% where i was. that was disreality, false, but my inability to time, my just staying in tendency... it's frelling murderously bad. i've long long long felt like everything was collapsing & fake & ruin, but i seemed to have ignored my better sense & reinvested a good bit at the worst possible time, & failed to withdraw what i had simultaneously.

but me missing a lot of the upside & seeing the downside aside, what a bloody slaughter. not sure wether to give up & cut losses or not, but it's gotten worse & worse every month & keeps feeling like, how could this keep getting dumber? isnt there a bottom? but it also feels like: concensus is no, we are going to loose another 33% of the market & more.

"'Crackers Don’t Matter' shatters the characters’ collective illusions about their statuses as civilized beings. Worse, it undoes all the hard work that went into building trusting, even loving relationships. The mindfrell of this episode isn’t so much what happens to the characters, but rather what they themselves do when their impulse control is removed."

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i went to search for "Crackers Don't Matter" (episode name) and AV Club right away turned up a full write up on the episode.

at the exact quote where, rewinding a bit, i had paused, & got so curious that i just had to go find some fan theories for why the shitty inferior human John, the main character, was tripping so hard the hallucinated main villain:
"Kill her. Then we'll have pizza. And margarita shooters. Go on, John, kill her. Do it, do it!” “Nobody… has margaritas with pizza!"

there-by breaking the spell. ;)

the AV club coverage is mainly about the shitty human aspect,
"In science fiction, there’s a nearly unavoidable assumption that humans are special, and, on some level, that assumption is correct." which is fun & real.

great article, really good story telling about this episode. Golden.

still, hoping for some theories on why the main character was tripping visions of the villain so much. :)

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picked up some Farscape rewatch after a semi-exhausting week. very slow going through an incredible episode, S02E04 "Crackers Don't Matter", where the crew is all drugged out & paranoid & at each others throats.

they've just been through a hellish season 1 cliffhanger that was tense, they're on the run with a far more competent & scary villian, and in this paranoid haze all their vulnerabilities & little petty grievances & mean perceptions of each other are fully coming to boil, are being fully shown. it's an amazing episode.

in the past month & a half, i cannot begin to express how bad google news & google chrome new tab links behave. i think they are all amp pages. look, i am a very bad mobile user, with a couple hundred too many tabs, but almost no other websites dont stall the whole os on me for 10s, and holy shit without fail it's when the ad video scrolls into view & holy shit the whole phone is unresponsive & locked up but that ad video plays on.

there's a >50% chance it's mo conspiracy & i'm riding this aged samsung s9 hard (true). but it's also so unfathomable how the ads are always the thing that seemingly locks this shit up. itay or may not be amp but the whole amp project feels toxic; these formerly lightweight links i used to trust are now an existential risk that might jank shit out worse than literally anything else on the web i might go to. is google amp to blame? who knows. but google's attempt to raise the bar has been subverted & is now the most feared link i touch.

pretty happy to see that even after i/we die here in (our instance is closing), we will live on. a memory will endure, not merely evaporate:

i was thinking i didn't have anywhere near the time to go write an archiver where masto accounts could sign up via a bot, then have their stuff archived. thankfully, we here at least are already saved. jesus saves. and so does and i trust in more. what a high form of humanity.

overharsh negative commentary of a web community 

a lot of work & alternatives get made when we decide something is too complex & go march off & insist on doing it again & that ours is better.

my baises are showing. i think there's a huge amount of more than good enough ideas that the world fails to lean in to, doesnt ever really try with. the coalition of the willing, the good giving & game, are sometimes too few.

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overharsh negative commentary of a web community 

sorry microformats but you have worse technics & too simple a notion that you're good. the community rot is strong, a naive & simpleton dogmatism. its been a weirdly popularity contest situation in your camp, a too hungry desire for validation & becoming the one. dogmatism & constantly piping in to mention your difference without a cause. but difference without cause.

some kind of warning needs to be said. this isnt it. this isnt it. i have this decade of aversion & sadness seeing "indieweb" and "microformats" do basically good things but with a kind of weird cultursl identity as "indie" and "alternative" that refuses the good & refuses community & does it themselves & acts cool about it. i have grown a resent & dislike. maybe over time i can figure out how to turn this into something better. but want the catharsis, want a start, so here's a post i wish was better & knew what really to clearly ask for.

today is a good day to be mad sad or just not ok with the name "Inflation Reduction Act". there is no plan for the economy.

supply is more limited & contended than it used to be, costs are up everywhere- and how would they not be, when a world gropes (demands) towards middle class access, middle class commoditities, and desires moving on from being the cheap labor to provide.

reddits intransigent unwillingness to build a 1/8th way decent managable mobile webapps is fucked up

ok so like 10% of rust crypto libraries can target wasm32. great go figure

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